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I love me some Boyd Crowder. I love me some Ava Crowder. I love me some Art Mullen. I love me some Raylan Givens. I LOVE me some Justified. Tonight, if you’re wondering why I’ve taken to almost the end of this day to get this post in; this is it, was the series finale of Justified on FX.  It came to a head: the bad guy to end all bad guys, Avery Markham (Sam Elliott), his bad cat henchman, Boon (played by Jonathan Tucker), his byotch of a woman, Katherine Hale (played by Mary Steemburgen) and Wynn Duffy, the Dixie mafia go-between that everyone hated loving.  The show was a fantastic series of grit that led to anxious feelings of who is next, who screws who and a long slew of (what Eugene would call) Oh FECAL moments.  There were plenty of those.

I’ll not give away what happened for those that haven’t seen it because i don’t give spoilers. All I will say is that it was a great send off.  However, I will tell you the only thing that I didn’t like and since we know that almost anyone can die, I was hoping that the demise of Boon would have been more dramatic, more violent. I really didn’t like him (although I love how he was played).  Other than that.  It was a good end to a great series.  I had a shot of my favorite bourbon, Larceny, in honor of the series finale. Take it easy, Justified. Take it easy.

If you haven’t seen it, it will probably be on Netflix soon.  I know you can buy the seasons on Amazon. But, back to my point, if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely should watch it.  Totally worth the time and effort.  Let me know how you liked it, how you liked (or not) the ending.  Drop me a line, letting me know.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The answer is: me and dead owls don’t give a hoot.” – Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant)