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I generally hate going to the doctor, even with routine stuff. Just so much more I could be doing with my time. Someone else telling me that I need to lose weight , exercise more (any) and that I should curb my intake of libations. Well, no thank you mister (or mistress). Yep, I had a doctor’s appointment today.  Two of them, actually.

The first, at 9am, was one that I don’t actually mind. It was my sleep wellness doctor, the one that monitors my sleep apnea situation.  I’ve had sleep apnea all my life, although I had no clue what it was.  It’s not just a byproduct of my flabby physique, I had it when I weighted a mere 120 lbs., much more than half my weight now.  When I took my sleep study for the first time in 2006, my test showed that I “woke up” 79 times an hour. SEVENTY-NINE TIMES! For it to register you have to have 10 seconds of no breathing and your brain basically makes you “wake up” because it’s not going to let you not breath.  So, if you think about it, there’s only 60 minutes in an hour, and to wake up 79 times, that’s more than once a minute.

I got my CPAP machine and immediately turned against it and decided I wasn’t yioeegryTgoing to use it. Pfft, I said. Years passed and welcome heart surgery (that will be talked about next week). The heart surgeon said he thinks the #1 reason for these problems is sleep apnea. So, The BCPF made sure that I was on it and at first, I resisted.  Don’t tell me what to do!  Well, as always, she wins.  It’s just like that. I wore it more and more and now, well, I can’t go without it.  I still hate sleep, I’ll always hate sleep, but the sleep that I do get, is so much better.

The doc said that “perfect” was 5 times an hour.  Two years ago I had an appt and the readings came back that I was waking up between 9-12 times an hour. Much better.  Today the readings from the card showed that I woke up 6.5 times an hour.  So I was danged near perfect.  Which, I knew that already. My mind is more rested (too bad it’s old and that disrupts some of the benefits), my body is more rested, my heart is in better shape.  Cue doc appointment #2.

We then went to my cardiologist and the EKG they did looked the same as it did last year when I was there showing the electrical activity of my heart is doing fantasmic. No matter the arterial problems that I have developed, my heart is still healthy, at least they think it is. I have an echocardiogram scheduled in about two weeks to test the strength and squeeze of my heart. They don’t suspect they’ll find anything wrong with it.

So both docs said they’d like to see me lose weight and the cardio doc mentioned that I shouldn’t have more than 3 drinks a day on average. Some days I go over that but on AVERAGE (that’s what I’m going by) for a week I am under that. The reason is they’d like to put me on a statin but my liver levels are high (they have been, even when I wasn’t drinking), I told him that I get “paid” to drink and I’ll not give that up, but that my average is under 3 a day. They want to see me exercise and to both I said, “we’ll see.”  Overall, though I am healthy and they neither saw me in any real immediate danger.  Ka-Ching!!  Here’s to many, many more blog posting days (and years) for you, Dear Reader.  The doc appts were the reason I was late with this post today. My apologies.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!!

I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places. – Henny Youngman