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So I told you yesterday about the woes of trying to learn a song, a difficult song at that, without the use of a regular rehearsal space (read: car stereo). I’m happy to report that step one: getting through the grueling rehearsal, full band, is over.  The two songs I’m doing for the Vagabond Saints Society‘s Skylarking by XTC, which I’m not giving up right now, actually were easier than I thought they would be.

That’s not to say that I think it will be a breeze this evening for the show. Au contraire, mes amis! It will be just as difficult. In fact, I feel it will be even more difficult than performing during rehearsal, but at least I’m more at home on stage than anywhere else, so that part will be fine.  I still have to remember all the lines and for one of those songs, the one with the non-stop, long-winded and other hyphenated-adjective-laden-words rant, at the end, putting those words in the right spot will be the trick.  I’m not at all concerned with the other song, that one is fairly straight forward and I think it will go marvelously. And I think I’ve mentioned VSS before.  Here is me doing Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from My Friends” during the Woodstock Summer show a few years back.

So, the question to you, Dear Reader, is what are you doing tonight?  Fancy a bit of XTC nuttiness with a side of locally grown talent driving the mix?  Did I mention the guest singers list?  Note that this is subject to change at any moment but what I know as of now, the list is as follows: Adam Bennett, Mike Chamis, Ken Mohan, Patrick Ferguson, Richard Boyd, Clay Howard, Susan Snow, Tony & Amanda Dagnall, Lauren Myers, Doug Davis (yes THAT Doug Davis), Drew Hoffman, Michael Slawter, Lee Terry, Johnny McLemore, Brian McCuiston, Snüzz, Chris Stamey of The dBs and Mitch Easter. Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter are all big names around here. Worldwide names, if you will. There’s also, a young girl named Jessie Simpson, violinist/fiddle player and part of The Dan River Girls will sing the opening of “Dear God.”  I heard her in practice yesterday and she’s fantastic. I met her last season of SSO4 as the Dan River Girls played the festival.  So, I’ll ask again, what are you doing tonight?  This should tickle any fan of XTC’s fancy and I guarantee the show will blow you away, especially if you’ve never seen a VSS show.  It is certainly something to behold.  Come on out, imbibe, mingle, hear a kick-butt performance and have fun! Make plans, now!!  It starts around 9pm at The Less Desirables Official Music Sponsor, The Garage in Winston-Salem’s Arts District.

Until tomorrow (when I’ll be hoarse), same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“We’re only making plans for Nigel.  We only want what’s best for him. We’re only making plans for Nigel. Nigel just needs this helping hand. And if young Nigel says he’s happy, he must be happy.  He must be happy.  He must be happy in his work.” – XTC (Moulding)