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So, the Vagabond Saints Society has this big gig coming up tomorrow night, XTC’s Skylarking from front to back and a second (actually the first) set of other XTC songs. I’m in the show and doing a couple of songs.  XTC is difficult because of Andy Partridge’s vocal stylings.  There’s extra pressure on this particular show because 1) it’s one of the main influences and faves of our fearless leader, Mr. Doug Davis; yes, THAT Doug Davis and 2) there are some big names performing in this show like Mitch Easter and Chris Stamey.


“Skylarking” by XTC

Usually, I do my “rehearsals” in Monte, my 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport.  However, for the last 3 weeks, the stereo/radio/mp3 player in Monte has been out.  O.U.T. Luckily, I don’t really drive long distances. It’s about 10-20, depending on traffic, from the homestead to the studio or other areas downtown, so that’s not so bad, but I hate being without a stereo.  I can’t figure out what happened, either.  The fuse isn’t blown.  It’s aftermarket and one of the ones that has a DVD player and Sirius ready with touchscreens that were out there before touchscreens were the norm.

Anywhat! The fact that the tunes don’t roll means that it’s awfully difficult to rehearse. Usually, as I’ve said, I’m belting out stuff whilst driving. Not anymore. I listen in the studio, but I don’t like belting out stuff because I’m somewhat subconscious about people hearing me sing before I have something nailed down.  If they’re going to hear me, I want them to hear it already done, not the “working out of kinks.”  At home, all I have is a computer with earbuds and the buds throw me off because I’m not actually hearing me sing as much as a lot of muffling. Without the buds it’s computer’s speakers and all its distorted splendor and I can’t hear it over me singing (I sing loud).

Practices for this were this past Sunday, which I opted out of because I just didn’t feel I was ready, today (Thursday) and tomorrow afternoon, pre-show.  I always hate the rehearsal part. The performance is great, but rehearsal sucks. And this is no better, especially since it’s very difficult and practice has been hindered.  One song I’m doing isn’t so hard, it’s more about the arrangement, but the other, it’s kind of their iconic song so we’ll see how badly I screw it up.  Whilst I actually have great confidence in my abilities, it’s always the starting that messes with me.  After tonight when I do the rehearsal, I’ll be fine for tomorrow. It always happens that way.  So come out to The Garage, which happens to be the Official Music Sponsor of The Less Desirables, and see the Vagabond Saints Society do XTC’s Skylarking and other XTC tunage on Friday, March 27, at 9pm.  The Garage is located at 110 W. 7th Street and is a great venue.

Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Well I don’t know how to tell the weight of the sun,
And of mathematics well I want none,
And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton,
But I know one thing,
And that’s I love you.” – “Mayor of Simpleton” by XTC (Partridge)