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I’ve said before that Tröegs Brewing Company does no wrong.  Now, we’ll have something tonight to see if that still rings true.  The Less Desirables Beer of the Week is Cultivator Helles Bock from Tröegs.  I have loved everything else that the brewery has done that I’ve tasted.  The thing that makes me nervous is this being a Spring-ish brew (there’s a picture of a budding plant) and it talks about the Hop Cycle.


Cultivator Helles Bock by Tröegs Brewing Company

I’ve gotten away from overly hoppy beers for the most part.  Don’t get me wrong, a little here and there and even an occasional throw down of hops is good, but really, I’ve moved away from it.  From the carton: “The Hop Cycle guides our seasonal brewing schedule. Emerging from Springtime’s fertile ground, Cultivator Helles Bock signifies the start of hop growing season as sprawling fields of hop rhizomes climb and ether to hop bines.”

Upon looking at their website the IBU (international bittering units) is only 25 so that’s good. The color is a lighter honey hue. So whilst I’m excited about having a new Tröegs, I’m apprehensive but I’m holding high hopes.  Listen to the show tonight to see how Eugene, Spirit Gum Theatre Company and I rate this beer and what we think. You can pick up your very own 6 pack at The Less Desirables Official Beer Sponsor, City Beverage, located at 915 Burke St in Winston-Salem.

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“We aren’t concerned with making beer to a particular style, as much as we want to create a quality beer that we like to drink—that’s what is really important.” – Chris and John Trogner