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I posted an article that The BCPF sent to me (she takes such good care of me) on Facebook about the advantages of advertising on Podcasts.  Podcasts?  Did someone say podcasts!?

I know podcasts. I produce FIVE of them and looking to do more.  I’m sure you know that. The Less Desirables Network featuring Tart & Tangy Triad, The Beer Dads, Fan Interference, The Electric Camel Pod and the flagship, The Less Desirables.  We are looking for advertising to help take our platform to the next level.  “The next level?” you may ask. Yes. In my opinion, podcasting is the future of New Media.

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The Less Desirables Studios

In one section, the article (a magnificent piece of journalism) does state the obvious: MailChimp’s recognition jumped tremendously, not that they needed help, when they were the presenting sponsor of Serial which I’ve talked about before. Prerecorded spots, testimonial spots, etc. There are plenty of ways to advertise, including website branding, brand-specific Tweets and other social media pushes are perks. Add that to the fact that podcasts don’t go away, at least not for a while.  I’ll explain.

You advertise on The Less Desirables for (let’s say) this week.  That show is highlighted on the website and is in the RSS Feed for iTunes and Stitcher to aggregate for the streaming and downloading directories. The next week it’s archived on a list on the website and it’s still showing in the available list for RSS aggregation. The RSS aggregation lasts around 6 months for TLD, Tart & Tangy Triad and The Beer Dads. Electric Camel Pod and Fan Interference a little shorter as they’re time sensitive info podcasts. However, I have had people ask for old shows to use for reference and such so they’re available. The point I’m making with this is that even if the show isn’t the current show, it’s available. I don’t edit out sponsors or advertisers.  If your ad is on a show this week, it’s still there 4 months from now when a fan of the guest of that particular week wants to hear what was said, they’ll hear your ad.  It doesn’t go away. In radio, once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Newspaper, it’s in print yes, but once that paper’s thrown out, it’s gone.  TV may have it on a DVR but erase that, it’s gone.  Podcasts are always available. If you see value, make several ads and don’t worry about losing it. That’s the added value (pun) in advertising on podcasts.  There are options to sponsor the studio, be a presenting sponsor, segment sponsorship and a la carte weekly ads. The options are wide.

I can’t say enough about podcasts as a medium and even the radio and television peeps are starting to produce podcasts. Did you know that over half of NPR’s content are podcasts?  This American Life, Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, etc. are all podcasts that are syndicated and distributed over radio.  I have to say though, outside of the big producers I’m pretty disappointed with the production quality.  Some have great content but I can’t get through listening to the terrible production quality. I’m not knocking the shows, as I know the shows are great, I want that known. But, this is why I also produce podcasts for others. I have an actual studio, with studio quality microphones, top-notch recording equipment, space to stretch out and get comfortable. We can have roundtable discussions (I don’t have to participate, just produce) and we have Skyping/phone capabilities, so practically anyone can be in the studio with you, even if they aren’t. Come have a glass of wine and talk about your product or topic. Have a beer and and rant on your thoughts of the price of pork bellies and what are going to do about it.  The possibilities are truly endless.

I’ll produce it and do post production and I’ll mix it for radio-quality broadcast readiness. I will make it sound as good as the top 10 podcasts. I’ll then deliver it to you via Dropbox, GoogleDocs, FTP or load it on your server for you. I can even host it for you (for an additional cost) and if it’s a theme that I think works for it, offer a spot on The Less Desirables Network.  I have reasonable hourly rates and packages to get you on your way to doing your own podcasts, run your own ads, sell ads to outside businesses and more.

Sorry that it turned into a sales pitch but I feel strongly about podcasts, production and the revenue they can bring to both the podcaster and the advertisers. If you want rate sheets for anything I’ve talked about, contact me and let’s have a conversation about it. Let’s make this work for both of us.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…

Scorp out!

“There’s no particular reason to wait. There are several ways a brand manager can take advantage of the continued and accelerated growth of podcasting.” – Shel Holtz