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I’m going to venture and say that this, THIS, is one of Eugene’s favorite beers of all time.  I may be wrong, but I think I’m right.  It’s from another local brewery that The Less Desirables are no strangers to.


Old Town Brown Ale by Natty Greene Brewing Company

It’s the Old Town Brown Ale from Natty Greene’s Brewing Company.  It’s low on alcohol, only 4.7% but the flavor is always spot on.  We’ve had this brew on the show before but it has been awhile.  The good thing about microbrews and small batches, every batch will be different. So revisiting is a good thing.  I guess you can say the same reason is the “Bad thing” about microbrews, if you like it one time you may not as much the second time. Anywhat! This brew hasn’t let us down before and when Mitch and Scott from Camel City News comes on tonight, I’m sure they won’t be disappointed, either.

If you’ve had it before, want to have it real badly or just have a comment about the beers we try on The Less Desirables, then drop us a line! Give the show a listen, too, to hear how we all rate this beer!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The Honourable Continental Congress have been pleased to appoint Major-General Greene, Quartermaster-General in the army of the United States — reserving his rank of Major-General in the same.” – George Washington