I hope your St. Patrick’s Day is going better than mine.  Well, it’s not that mine is bad, but I’m dealing with something that could be bad.

About a year ago, I had someone look at my house and they found termites. For whatever reason (I’m sure it was money) I couldn’t really afford to do much about them.  Fast forward to about two weeks ago when 3B comes out of his room and casually says to me, “There are bugs coming out of my wall.”  We go look and, sure enough, there were bugs coming out of the wall.  Not just coming out of it, eating their way through the sheet rock.  Sheet rock?  I didn’t know they ate sheet rock.


Termites having their way with 3B’s wall. Gross, I know…

At first I didn’t know what they were.  I couldn’t really see the bugs themselves just movement and what looked like eggs.  Well, if you take a deeper, closer look at the picture I provided, you’ll notice they’re not eggs, they’re larvae and they’re the ones eating through the wall.  I called my friend “Bug Man Bob” and sent him the picture.  He told me to just tape up the holes we had to try to isolate them until he or one of his associates got out there.  He sent one of his associates who is better versed in termites.  So after the inspection we got a price to get a full “Termidor” (I don’t know how to spell it) treatment.  We got a good deal, we feel at about $1200 but $1200 is a lot of money for a travel agent/podcaster/producer and his non-profit Superwoman.  But, it would be more expensive to have to rebuild the house or move (which we don’t want to do) so we had to spend the money.  Sucks, I say.

Anywhat! The guy, we’ll call him “Gary” is digging holes in my yard, around the house, and drilling holes in my concrete slabs (I have three porches around the house) and is putting this gunk in it.  The good news is, it’s guaranteed and if the pests come back, then he’ll come treat the house for free.  Here’s hoping.

And like I said, I hope your St. Patty’s Day is better than mine.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I was sleeping the other night, alone, thanks to the exterminator.” – Emo Philips