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Yesterday, The BCPF and I went to the Official Emerald Isle of The Less Desirables, Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub and Kitchen for their annual “The Wake.”  The Wake is a huge “block” party type dealio with a massive tent shutting down a large portion of Trade Street in Downtown Winston-Salem’s Art District.


The Wake

The event usually brings a large contingency of revelers and party animals and whilst we were there somewhat early in the day’s activities, it seemed the crowd was a bit low, but we saw people walking towards the festival as we left.  The picture that I’ve included was the very swift execution of the actual wake.  A bagpiper, a Scottish gent which bore the colors of Clan Campbell led the procession as a gaggle of strong laddies carried the large coffin around the facilities, including the pub and the tent areas.

We ate lunch (fish, chips, bangers, mash, shepherd’s pie, spotted dick and banana pudding) and then headed out.  I think I’m getting old.  But, I don’t miss The Wake.  I enjoy it, just wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, I think.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…

Scorp out!

“Whack fol’ the dah, now, dance to your partner. Wipe the floor, your trotters shake. Wasn’t it the truth I told ya? Lots of fun at Finnegan’s wake.” – Finnegan’s Wake