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The Less Desirables Movie of the Week, presented by our Official Movie Sponsor, a/perture Cinema, is The Lone Ranger.  This is the Disney version of the story with Armie Hammer in the title role and the talented Johnny Depp as Tonto, the Native American conscious, if not somewhat buffoonish companion.


The Lone Ranger

Overall, I think the film was an entertaining interpretation.  I’ll admit, too, that I wasn’t an avid watcher of the television show, nor have I read any of the books or heard any of the old radio shows.  So my knowledge of The Lone Ranger is very minimal.  So, not knowing how things are historically with the storyline, I didn’t have any preconceived notions about what was or what was supposed to happen.  The experience itself was quite campy as one would expect.  In that, it was exactly the way I thought it would be.

The story starts with John Reid, a do-gooder lawyer whose older brother, Dan, is a Texas Ranger.  Butch Cavendish, a brutal outlaw who was captured by the elder Reid and is on his way to be hanged for his crimes, but Cavendish’s men attack the train and help him escape.  While on the train, Cavendish is in the transport with Tonto, a Comanche warrior who was also being transported. I can’t remember if it was said why Tonto was shackled.  Tonto thinks very little of John. After the train derails, then Tonto ends up in jail, but he escapes.

Cavendish and his men ambush Dan and his deputies, including newly minted deputy, little brother John, after a double cross from an old friend.  Cavendish kills everyone and even eats Dan’s heart.  Tonto comes across them and decides to bury them.  As he was burying John, a white horse shows up and “awakens” John and then Tonto calls him the “spirit walker.”  So from there, John is bent on getting revenge on the double crosser and the entire Cavendish gang.

From that point it becomes an old west version of Pirates of the Caribbean and a lot of impossible stunts and gags happen.  Giving much more will start ruining plot points.  I’ll never say the film was fantastic but it was entertaining.  Depp played a convincing Tonto, a more subdued Jack Sparrow, really.  There were thin parts in the plot but for the most part that can be looked over.  Armie Hammer did a decent job as TLR.  I don’t know yet how I feel about him as an actor.  To my knowledge, I’ve never seen anything else he’s been in.

If you’re looking for cerebral intensity in a film, this isn’t it.  There are many funny parts, there are implausible ideas and actions but, as I’ve said, it was entertaining.  There is an understated over story where this whole thing is being told from the memories of an old Comanche warrior who claims to be Tonto and tries to convince a kid that the story is what he says it is and he is who he says he is.  That part was actually kind of predictable. You’ll have to see the ending and decide for yourself.

It was directed by Gore Verbinski and while it’s not on Netflix right now, there is hope that it will be soon.  I actually watched it one of the movie channels on DirecTV, possibly Starz.  I rate this film 3 stars and recommend it if you have 2 hours to kill or just want something that doesn’t require a lot of mental scrutiny.  Let me know what you think of it by dropping me a line via my many social media and email ways.

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” Eight men rode into canyon… I dug seven graves. Horse says, you are spirit walker: a man who has been to the other side and returned, a man who cannot be killed at all…” – Tonto (Johnny Depp)