Let me tell you about my girl.  Let me tell you the 1000 ways past infinity that I really, really dig that woman.  The BCPF.  Mrs. Scorp. Mrs. Beeman (yeah I said it).


The most beautiful woman in my world.

There is so much that should be said about and to her, but I’m going to let most of it be between the two of us, to your relief, Dear Reader, I’m sure.  But, I know this woman, whom I met a little over 5 years ago, has changed my life; saved my life.

When I went through my open-heart surgery almost 3 years ago, I don’t know that I would have survived through the recovery without her taking care of me.  Yes, I owe my family and her family a grand hug in that, as well, but she was the leader, the caregiver of this 3 month invalid.  Even now, she watches what I eat (as best she can), keeps me on track, makes sure I always have my pills where they need to be, makes sure my CPAP’s humidifier is always full, washes my clothes, cooks my meals (when I don’t cook hers).  She is my rock and my love.

She’s the woman with whom I did something I swore I’d never do again, and that’s get married.  We have spent 4 wonderful weeks in Europe, a week in Costa Rica with an awesome group of friends, and 3 trips to my favorite place, Walt Disney World, one of which was the engagement trip.  She saw me through my college graduation and is my biggest supporter when it comes to my business ventures and obligations.  She works hard at her job; has at every job she’s had.  All that know her, love her but not as much as me. She’s an awesome StephMom to my son and he loves her, too; even when she is the strictest with him. He respects and cares for her for that.

She’s the center of everything I want; everything I need. She is everything I am.

Why am I putting all this out there today?  Well, today is her birthday. It’s a milestone birthday somewhere between 39 and 41, but I’ll not say which. You’ll just have to keep guessing.  If you know her, send her some birthday love. If you don’t, then you’re certainly missing out.

I know many people look down on these PDA from blogs or Facebook posts or Tweets and what have you saying “making us all read this when you can say it directly to them, blah blah blah.”  Pfft! I can say something directly to her, and I do.  I do it every day, multiple times in a a day.  When I say it to her, even though it’s ingrained in her memories and in her mind, the words themselves vanish in the ether. As soon as I say them, even if the effect is still there, those words are gone.  Writing them down (or typing in this case) solidifies their existence; everlasting.  At one time, even that would go away and after a few days it disappears. But, with a blog like this, and with Facebook’s insistence on archiving, they’re there and able to be searched. This is my archival.

I promise I’ll be back to my non-sappy, smart aleck self tomorrow, but today… today’s her day.  I love you, baby! With every fiber of my being. Happy birthday.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss