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Today I sat on a panel that focused on New Media hosted by Linking Winston-Salem.  New Media, in this case, is podcasts, online news dailies and focused, traffic-driven websites.  The panel consisted of Chad Nance, my partner-in-crime at Electric Camel Pod (CCD News Hour) and Camel City Dispatch; Rachel Hoeing from Triad Moms on Main and myself.  We were moderated by Mr. Matt Clark, operations manager at WSJS 600, a frequent guest and guest co-host of The Less Desirables.


New Media Panel at Linking Winston-Salem, L to R: Chad Nance, Me, Matt Clark, Rachel Hoeing (in front… The BCPF)

We talked about the importance of using us, as alternatives to large radio, TV and newspaper, as viable, feasible and successful avenues for small business. We each fielded questions from the audience on why we’re better or comparable to the “big boys” and how we help them grow their business in our medium.  The bottom line is, the medium’s affordable, it’s long-lasting affects and reaches very targeted audiences.  We know how to formulate the right space for you.  With us, there are five shows on the Network, with some overlap on the Electric Camel Pod/CCD, and there is a variety of subjects that is covered on the various shows that we can direct listeners to your service or product.  Same with Triad Moms on Main and Camel City Dispatch along with WSJS 600.

We all want to become major forces in what we do and the future looks bright for us.  We’re hoping that the businesses see that vision as well and walk this journey with us.  I honestly feel that we need each other and hope they see it that way, as well.

The Linking Winston-Salem group meets every second Tuesday and has been held at the BB&T Ball Field in downtown Winston-Salem.  Our hosts were Kristen Daukas, Mr. Kim Williams, and Paul Jones (however, PJ was under the weather today).  They’re always gracious hosts.  Find out more about it here, and come visit with us next month!

Until tommorow, same blog channel…
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“New media is like a megaphone. It amplifies your ability to reach more people.” – Mark Batterson