I got married in September and with that I gained a mother-in-law.  She’s the second one I’ve had as I was married to 3B’s mom for 16 years.  So this mother-in-law knows to always counsel with me about electronics and equipment and such and when there’s a problem, I fix it. That’s what I do.

I was recording Fan Interference today and saw that a call was coming in from here.  I was worried something was wrong.  Seeing how immediately after she hung up there was a Trivia Crack notification from The BCPF (the daughter) then I knew she wasn’t freaking out and so I relaxed for a bit.  Once Fan Interference was over, I called MIL and she informed me of a TiVo problem.  Whew!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fixing things for her, just not used to her calling in the day,tivo but it’s all cool and good.  I asked her if she had unplugged it and she said yes. I’m not saying she was wrong, as I see my ‘rents actually do the things I tell them to do with electronics and the things not work.  She was turning off the powerstrip behind the TV but I’m not so sure it wasn’t plugged up in a different spot.  I went over and saw the problem – the remote was working but the DVR itself wasn’t releasing the command on the screen.  It was basically like the machine was stuck in a command loop.  I reached behind the machine, unplugged it and left it for about 10 seconds.

I then plugged it back in and turned it back on.  It did the same thing that many DVRs do and had do to its weird cold boot process.  I can’t figure out why both TiVo and the satellite receivers that I have all take so danged long to boot up.  Anywhat! Once I got it back up then I watched what she had on the screen and it worked fine.  So really, it just needed a slight rest.  I asked here when the power went out last and she said it hadn’t for a while and so I said it probably just needed to clear its own cache and free up some memory.  It worked when I left her house and I told her to just rest unplug it once every 3 months and let it recharge. I think TiVo has a great product and wish my DirecTV DVRs were all TiVo (they used to be), as it’s an overall better doohickey than the one I have. So there you have it, me coming to the rescue (no I really don’t believe that, just being silly).

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law.” – Hubert H. Humphrey