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You know what is a good problem to have?  Being too busy to listen to the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums in order to turn around a review for it on this blog.  I’ve now gone a month without a post about it.

The reason is that I’ve gone through my busiest time of the year.  The first half of February, I spend working on data collection, voice over, and video editing for the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership and, of course, all the podcasting.


The Less Desirables Network

The new show, The Beer Dads, is getting started and gaining momentum. Tart & Tangy Triad, Electric Camel Pod (did I mention that’s the new name of Camel City Dispatch News Hour?) and Fan Interference all have had some issues with weather.  We’re hopefully getting through that and we can just get all the shows, including the Tart & Tangy Triad Appetizer, back in regular production.

I prefer to listen to the albums while in The Less Desirables Studio (where the magic happens) so I can listen on the studio monitors. And, I’ve been so busy using them for all the other stuff, I’ve not had time to listen to albums. Boo hoo me.  So, with DST coming this weekend, hopefully the weather’s better and things level out, then I’ll get back to listening and writing soon.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed my distraction.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…

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