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The Less Desirables Movie of the Week was Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me.  I saw this documentary on Netflix.


“Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me”

I’ll admit I really didn’t, and still don’t, know much about Big Star or Alex Chilton. The first time, outside of the Replacements song, which I thought was just a song about some historical figure, that I ever heard of him was St. Patty’s Day, 2010.  That’s the day he died.  Doug Davis, who I’ve mentioned many times before was playing at Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub and Kitchen for their celebration and got an alert on his phone about the passing.  He informed me that it was one of his all time favorite performers from a favorite band.

This documentary highlights the high praise from critics, but relative shunning from the public that Big Star enjoyed/endured.  They were quite talented and the songs were really good.  I am not quite sure why they weren’t more popular than they are.  Anywhat! People like Chris Stamey and Mitch Easter (one of my faves), who are both Winston-Salem natives are in the film talking about their friendships with Alex and the gang.  At one point Christ Stamey (who I’m not really familiar with) was talking about listening to WTOB (a local radio station) while driving on Silas Creek Parkway.  I was like, “WAIT! That’s…” and he said, “… Winston-Salem.”  Boom! I get giddy when things familiar to me gets highlighted in films and such.  I can imagine if I lived in NYC or another place like that, then I’d get desensitized to that, but here in Small Town ‘Merica, I still get excited.

I really can’t comment on the film per se, as it really is more of a retrospective on the band’s career and that you’d get more out of the review if you just watched it yourself, but I know that I enjoyed it and highly recommend it to everyone who loves music.  Again you can find it on Netflix and I rate it 4.5 Stars.

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“I never travel far without a little Big Star.” – Replacements