Miss Jenny and BoFulton

If you’ve listened to The Less Desirables, then you know about my co-host, Eugene and me and how we are constantly at each other like we’re an old married couple.  We have been together almost 20 years.  You’ve undoubtedly heard me state on more than 100 occasions that I don’t drink beer that is a waste of my time, specifically, anything that says “Bud” on it (at least here in ‘Merica).  And, also undoubtedly, you’ve heard Eugene talk incessantly about vegetation, specifically pickles, and how he loathes them; world peace would be possible if it weren’t for pickles kind of thing.

Well, last night’s guest on TLD was Jenny Fulton, also known as “Miss Jenny,” of Miss Jenny’s Pickles.  She, by the way, is a nut and a fantastic guest.  Interviewers love that kind of guest, the only questions you need to ask is starter questions.  She takes it from there.  Probably one of the best interviews we’ve ever had, and we’ve had some great ones.  Anywhat! Along with her husband, named “BoFulton” (yes I typed it as one word), she brought with her her “award winning” Habanero Bread & Butter pickles.  The purpose was to settle a bet between Eug and me.  I told him if he’d eat pickles I’d drink something Bud, his choice.  He had mentioned Budweiser Black Crown about a year and a half ago and I said, um… no.  Then this challenge was laid.

Last night, Eugene ate, reluctantly, yet courageously, a handful of these delicious morsels of awesome.  He did this one at a time but he did it.  Then it was my turn and, yes, I drank a Budweiser Black Crown.  As I said on the video/show, it didn’t downright suck, but also, it’s not something I’ll drink again if I can help it.  But, the point is, we both stepped over our “hang-ups” and were very adult about it.  Eugene even took the leftovers home to “Chigger” although, I can see him standing at the bar in his kitchen eating one or two.  He even ate one after Jenny left.

The event was captured not only on the podcast recording but I did capture it on video as well.  I posted it to YouTube.

But, you should also listen because the interview was fabulous and Jenny was a magnificent guest.  It’s funny, it’s cool, it’s righteous!!  Find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Blubrry, and the TLD website, just to name a few.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“A ‘naughty pickle’ is how I’d best describe myself. I think fun and laughter is the whole point of life” – Celia Imrie