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It seems like the only thing I talk about anymore is a rant against snow.  There’s no getting out of this one.  It’s coming. It’s supposed to start tonight, probably around 8-9pm (from what I understand from WFMY‘s Tim Buckley) and getting bad around midnight tonight/tomorrow.

I’ve said it before. I don’t mind snow. If it’s snow.  Rarely is it just snow here. It’s crap.  Blah blah blah. I know that’s what you’re saying, Dear Reader.  It is old hat by now and that hat is in tatters.  The problem is that it is just disruptive.  Some people get to stay home and if it comes when it’s supposed to, well, I’ll be fine as i can do most things I need to from home.  But it’s when the uncertainty comes through that it messes with me now.


Miss Jenny’s Pickles vs. Budweiser Black Crown

Tonight on The Less Desirables, we have a big guest, well a big show; a first, really.  Eugene is going to eat pickles (yes, I said pickles, plural, as in pickle chips) and I’m going to drink something that says “Bud” on it.  Neither of us are looking forward to it, but we’re both looking to end a long-standing gripe.  We have, after all, been together for almost 20 years and we’ve always been on to each other about the other’s hangups.  Miss Jenny’s Pickles will bring some Habanero Bread & Butter Pickles for him to try and I’m going to drink a Budweiser Black Crown.  As I said, neither of us are looking forward to our ordeal, but we are looking forward to Miss Jenny’s being in the studio. Eug and I have never seen the other consume either of these things, either.  So it’s going to be good. If we have it!!!

So, I know Eugene has a rear-wheel drive truck and he worries about the weather and is wanting to call it off.  I think he’s trying to get out of eating the pickles.  I kind of kid about that, but I had to ask Mr. Buckley about the time frame and I am now trying to convince him that it won’t be too bad for him to just do the danged show.   We’ll see what happens.  But, that is the problem I have with the weather.  It’s just in the way of my plans and what I must get done.  I’m not giving in or up!!

Be safe out there, if you’re going out and, until tomorrow… same blog channel.
Scorp out!

“He looks as though he’s been weaned on a pickle.” – Alice Roosevelt Longworth