I was telling The BCPF and a couple of my friends that I couldn’t wait until last week was over. All that ice and snow threw everything off.  I was at a loss.  I couldn’t get anything done and had no motivation.



So, when Monday (that’s today) came around, I was glad.  Got up and took my shower, made 3B some breakfast and proceeded to go to the car to take him to school.  He asked why my car was parked the way it was (usually I back into my parking space and it was just pulled in directly this morning).  I told him because The BCPF drove home on Friday.  He then said, well they didn’t close the door all the way.  As soon as he said that I looked at the dome light and noticed there was a barely lit orange glow where a full on light should be.  I turned the key and nothing happened.  Dang it!!

So, then, we walked to ma mère’s house and borrowed her truck.  I hate this truck. It’s a 1997 model Cheverolet Silverado that only has about 35000 miles on it.  That’s the good part, the bad part is ma père had custom seats put in it when they bought it. Thick, high (my mom’s short) sitting seats that enables me to only see through the old blue sun tint in the windshield.  So I have to bend over to see.  I’m 6’1″-2″-ish and almost 300lbs.  The thick seats, even when I wasn’t so big, meant that I was bellying up to the steering wheel and can’t lean it back (it’s not an extended cab).  It’s heck to drive.

Well, we get it and I take him to school and then return home to hook a battery charger to Monte.  I’m leaving it that way throughout the day and possibly overnight.  Hopefully, it gets charged.  What I’m saying is, be careful for what you wish for.  I have never minded Mondays but I think I just Mondayed in my pants.  I’m huffing and rolling my eyes, now.  Pfft.

Until tomorrow (and I hope it’s better), same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This morning my car wouldn’t start. I guess that’s better than if my car wouldn’t stop.” – Jarod Kintz