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Has the recent weather stuffs had an adverse affect on your life?  I know a lot of people are complaining about this and that and I have some of the same beefs. I’m not saying it’s all bad, just it happens. And, I’m not going to go into much of that, just an observation.

The weather creates a downward spiral of baloney for everyone.  The snow makes the South shut down.  I get annoyed with the North always laughing when we freak out over 3/4″ of snow that turns to ice.  According to this article, Boston has almost 100inches of snow.  That’s a shload of snow.  I’m originally from WV and people there know how to deal with snow, too.  Granted, they get snow.  Real snow.  We get ice. Hard to maneuver on ice, I get that.

But, school being out.  3B’s mom has been sick and she lives in place where getting out when it snows is treacherous so he’s been staying with me and mother all this week.  I’m not complaining about that, although I’ve not seen much of him.  The Nephews are over there as well and they’ve been out playing… a lot.  He’s been with me both Wednesday and Thursday night (Thursdays are my regular night).  I like having him here but I worry about the school aspect.  It’s more a cold thing that snow and ice thing now, I know, but school needs to get back in.  That’s just dragging out how long they’ll have to go in June.

And, hello! This winter isn’t anywhere near being over, Dear Reader.  There’s potential for much more of this.  I hope not, but the potential is there.  The podcasts are all screwed up.  We didn’t have a guest on The Less Desirables but that was the only one we recorded this week, as a “Round Table.”  The Beer Dads had a webisode come out but it was recorded prior to this week (a peek behind the curtain, there).  There will also not be an “Appetizer” from Tart & Tangy Triad, either.  Again, school schedule takes precedence there.  I could get him up, showered, and get him downtown and all that, but, why?  It would be later before I get down there and it would just be me, anyway.

I’m certainly hoping that Mother Nature gets herself calmed down next week.  That or she needs a Midol.  So, here’s hoping.  You know what else? You have time on your hands, while you’re trying to find a way to kill some of it, give a listen to some of the archived webisodes of your favorite The Less Desirables Network shows!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation.” – Phil Armstrong