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Haha, blog post, you fuzzy bunny! You almost got away from me.  My day was busy and I didn’t have one in the can.  I almost missed a day.  But, alas, I am here!

I have said that things are coming for The Less Desirables Network and the time has come to truly announce the newest show on the Network.  Myself, along with 2 other “dads” and good friends of mine, have started a new podcast that focuses on “daddy issues.”  No, not necessarily our fathers but the things that we go through as fathers.  The situations, the way we handle them, the way our wives (or wife and ex-wife in my case) handle them with us, how we handle the wives, etc.  It started as an idea to handle teenagers and newly post-teens, but we’ll tackle topics that will be for all dads, from newborn to “grown-and-gones.”  Everything.


The Beer Dads Podcast

We do this while sitting and drinking a beer.  Every show, a different beer.  We actually have six shows in the can right now, with the first show coming out, probably on Friday.  However, the release day, every week, as far as we can figure, will be on Thursdays.  It’s like a new show that is released on one day and then goes to its “regularly scheduled” time the next week.

Jon, Paul and I have been enjoying drinking a pint and talking heathen kids (and our heathen kids’ heathen fathers) and we’ll have special guest dads come on to discuss these topics with us.  We also invite parents (yes, moms, too) of all ages, with kids of all ages, to write in and discuss the topics we talk about with us, as well as give us topics you’d love to hear discussed.  We’ll talk driving, grades, grounding, education, the dreaded sex topic and much, much more.

The show will be on Stitcher and iTunes and we’ll probably have our own website, eventually. For right now, it will be hosted on The Less Desirables server and available on The Less Desirables Network page on both The Less Desirables and Tart & Tangy Triad websites.  To send an email with comments and suggestions (we’ll read them on the air), send to thebeerdadspodcast@gmail.com.

Be sure to give it, and all the TLD Network shows a listen and subscribe to them all on iTunes and Stitcher.  Enjoy and thanks!  Oh and remember, any knucklehead can father a child, it takes a real man to be a “Dad.”

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“My father was my teacher. But most importantly he was a great dad.” – Beau Bridges