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Yes, if you’re wondering, I am a little perturbed from last night’s game.  I’m going to make a statement, an observation and be done with it.  I won’t drag it on.

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Malcolm Painter intercepts ball with seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX. Photo©AP (Kathy Willins)

It was probably one of the best Super Bowls (yeah, I said it) in a while. By best I mean, it was a back-and-forth/to-and-fro on and on and on the entire time.  Brady gets hot, Wilson gets hot. Blount hits a few, Beast Mode runs over a few.  7-0, 7-7, 14-7, 14-14 and that was just the first half.  Second half, Seattle comes out screaming.  The get a field goal, yes and then follow up with another TD.  Brady does what Brady does and that’s keep on keepin’ on.  So, from what I consider some lazy play calling, Seattle starts to fizzle with the offense and Brady beats them up for it.  The Pats take the lead, 28-24, with 2 minutes to go. Awesome series with yet another amazing catch from a receiver that is opposing the Pats in a SB. Pentalties, what have you, they’re down at the 2 finally after a little plowing by Beast Mode.

EVERYONE, including the Patriots knew what Pete Carroll’s call should have been, next. Beast Mode up the center, plowing over everyone.  Even if he doesn’t get in, call a time out and try it again.  Or fake to Marshawn and Wilson runs it on their read option. Game over, Shady and Belicheat go home with their deflated balls between their legs, 12th Man comes through again! Yay.  Well… The call comes in, they snap the ball, Wilson fires a pass (a GOSH DARNED PASS) to a receiver that gets (legally) bumped and the ball is intercepted.  Immediately I fired off at Twitter the following (and yes, I know I’m using my real name here):

No way he keeps his job after that.  Now, the back-peddlng and spin that Carroll tried to put on it is ridiculous and I’m not going to even respond to it, other than to say, it’s a stupid call and, again, EVERYONE knows what the call should have been.  The Patriots couldn’t have stopped it. It would have been Goodnight, Gracie and done!

So the Pats take a knee and there are fists a-flying from everywhere.  I saw some clueless, prats stating how the “Seahawks showed their real colors” and “how they had no class” and all that BS, but to me that’s not the case.  Richard Sherman gets a bad rap for spouting off.  He’s a very intelligent and well spoken young man (he was 2nd in his HS class with a 4.2 GPA and earned a degree from STANFORD!) that gets fired up. He’s 26 years old and just as he professes, IS at least one of the best CBs in the game. Bruce Irvin is a WVU alum that is a hard-working stud. Granted he got thrown out for throwing a punch, but he wasn’t the only one and there were plenty coming from NE, as well.

But, we have to think: these guys, this is ALL they do. They worked hard to get here, strive to get to the Super Bowl. In their profession, that is the only thing that matters. They were mere seconds away from winning, yet again, and it was yanked from under them.  Emotions are high. Adrenaline, high. It’s a roller coaster ride, anyway.  There’s not one of the people that read my blog that can say they’d do anything different if they were in their shoes.  “I’d have done this and I’d not have done this.  I’d just take it like a man and blah, blah, blah.” To that I call BALONEY! None of us can say 100% that, if given the opp, that they’d do anything different.  Now, they may hope that they’d do different, but none of us have ever been in that position, in that moment.  Even if you’ve been in a similar situation (which I can’t think of anything that’s similar to that) you aren’t in the same situation.  That’s like telling someone who’s grandmother just passed away “I know how you feel.”  No you don’t.  You have no clue.  “I know what you’re going through,” would probably be correct if, you too, lost a grandparent, but every person handles different situations differently.  You’re a liar if you say that you’d have done, with any certainly, anything different.

Had this been any other game, well maybe not a playoff game, but a game during the regular season, you’d have not have seen that scrap.  You’d not have seen it and it wouldn’t have happened like that.  This is the culmination of being there.  Some of them won’t be in this position again, and many know it. Again, this is their livelihood; what they do. Stop being holier than thou (because you’re not) and get your head out of your arses.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“There’s really nobody to blame but me, and I told them that clearly. And I don’t want them to think anything other than that. They busted their tails and did everything they needed to do to put us in position, and unfortunately it didn’t work out. A very, very hard lesson. I hate to learn the hard way, but there’s no other way to look at it right now.” – Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks