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The BCPF and Scorp in front of “The Firebird” at Knight Theater, Charlotte

Yesterday, The BCPF and I headed to Charlotte for the latest in the PNC Broadway Lights Series that we have season tix for.  This one wasn’t a musical and it wasn’t at The Belk Theater as most of things are.  This was at The Knight Theater at the Levine Theater.  The Knight has Niki de Saint Phalle’s mosaic statue, “The Firebird” in front (it’s part of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art).

The show was called The Illusionists and it was basically a variety/magic show that had several different performers.  The “main” two guys – I say because they did most of the emceeing – Were The Trickster and The Futurist. One, a queen (self proclaimed) that dressed all flashy like and The Futurist was a card trick guy. Both did card tricks, actually.  Then there was the much goth Anti-Conjurer who did things with his body and was crazy wigged out but funny and pretty cool. The Warrior, who had a couple come up and she took her engagement ring off, cored an apple, placed the ring inside the apple, placed her fiancé behind her holding the apple on a platter on his head, took a bow, stood about 20 yards away on a spinning platform and while spinning shot an arrow through the apple into a target which revealed the ring looped around the arrow.

There was The Escapist who got out of handcuffs and a water tank in about 3 minutes (that was kind of boring to me). The Inventor, who was very steampunk and the oldest member of the group.  He created a “little person” out of doll parts (he was real) and sawed someone in half who was still moving on a small platform, etc. He did other tricks with paper and such.  He was kind of boring, too. And then the most intriguing, at least to me, was The Manipulator, a South Korean world magic champion magician that did “magical” (pun!) things with cards.  He was amazing.  Really, The Trickster, Anti-Conjurer and Manipulator were my faves.  I do recommend the show if you get a chance, in the future.

Then we went to eat at one of our favorite (most unique) places in Charlotte.  Valpiano Italian, which is a great place that they need to have one of here in the Triad, preferably in Winston.  I’ll save that for a later post, as the “silent” aspect of “Silent Sunday” is already out the window.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Shuffle shuffle, mixy mixy, I’ll be right here.” – Jeff Hobson, The Trickster of The Illusionists