Playoff 2014 Rd 3

Playoff 2014 Round 3

Here it was, the semi-finals of the post season for the NFL.  “Championship Weekend” they call it.  The NFC determines their champion and the AFC, theirs.  I picked both of the games correctly but one I really cared about and thought I was going to lose my shite.  Even worse than when my beloved Steelers lost; I mostly expected them to lose.  The other, I didn’t really care anything about. I just knew how it was going to go and why worry otherwise.

The first game saw my (I won’t say beloved, but really greatly admired) Seahawks go up against the loathsome Packers.  The Packers came out and made the Seahawks look like a high school team. It was a romp from the get go.  Still, the Packers never really got it going, either.  They just did better than the Seahawks, who were down 16-zip at halftime.  The ‘Hawks did get a TD and the Pack another FG.  Then something awakened the ‘Hawks.  Russell Wilson, who had the highest QB rating in playoff history had one completion and 4 interceptions in the first half alone, but cranked it up in the last quarter.  The defense woke up, too.  They finally got close and then took the lead, went for two and got it.  They were up 22-19, but Aaron Rogers got them back into FG range and the “can’t miss” Mason Crosby nailed a 48-yder that tied the game and sent it into overtime.  Russell played a great series and hit Jermaine Kearse (whom every one of his interceptions were directed to) on a long lob that dropped right in.  Seahawks, will defend their SB championship.  Against whom?


Super Bowl XLIX

The other game I’m just going to touch on: The Patriots walloped the Colts 210-1 or something like that.  Not really.  It was 45-7 and the Colts looked horrible.  There is a little controversy brewing as there are allegations of the Pats deflating some of the balls which could help or hamper the ability to throw and catch the ball during bad weather.  Belichick or Belicheat as some call him, isn’t above that.  Anywhat!

Let’s go Seahawks and beat those Patriots in Arizona!  I’ll talk more about it as it arrives.

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“I remember my dad asking me one time, and it’s something that has always stuck with me: ‘Why not you, Russ?’ You know, why not me? Why not me in the Super Bowl?” – Russell Wilson