It seems the old adage, “when it rains, it pours” isn’t just a catchy little slogan for Morton’s Salt, it’s actually true.  The BCPF and I have been dealing with some malfunctions, ill-performing things, broken things and all around bull-shtein over the last few months.

Now, don’t go reading it wrong.  Yes, we just got married a few months ago.  That has nothing to do with these woes.  We are perfectly fine.  We’re in a good place with us. All is right in the world when it comes to that.

bad news


The straws that broke the many camels’ backs have been many.  My vehicle, Monté, as I call her, is basically on her last legs.  She’s ready to give up the ghost at any minute.  I’ve had her almost thirteen years (bought her a month before my son was born) and she’s got almost 160k miles on her.  She’s survived a drunk driver hitting us, almost tearing her entire front off on the passenger’s side.  She’s been rear-ended, bumped on the doors, even dealt with me rear-ending someone.  The engine had the pulley that turns the serpentine belt break off inside.  She leaks oil, antifreeze and somehow keeps going.  I know I’ll be kissing her goodbye before long and she’s been really good to me.

Our double shower in our bedroom/bathroom suite has a hole in it and because it is on the second floor, we can’t take a chance on it leaking into the kitchen below. We need to have someone fix it because using the small shower in my son’s bathroom sucks.  I feel like I’m in a sardine can and barely have any room to move.  The only saving grace is that the shower head is one of the hand-held kind and I can maneuver the water where I want.  It was easier when I could just stretch out.  I don’t even know who to get to look at the upstairs shower floor.

Our refrigerator started going nuts about a month ago.  It kicked the bucket around 2 weeks or so before Christmas. We have been keeping what we can in my ‘Rents’ refrigerator and while they do live next door, they’re about 2 football fields or more away.  It’s convenient that they’re there but that doesn’t help much if I want a glass of milk at 2am.

I went on the Samsung website and only one service center was listed.  I called them and they said they’d schedule someone to come out.  Then about 4 days later, someone did.  The repairman said he thought he knew what the problem was.  The fridge is older than dirt (10 years) and, of course, the parts have to be special ordered.  So then the part comes in and they then have to schedule the guy to come back out to fix it.  This was Dec 18 (a Thursday) that he finally got there.  He changed the part and, voila! it worked.  Then on Monday afternoon, Dec 22 (after he came back to give me a slight refund on one of the parts that we didn’t need and then left) the fridge, once again.  So that’s December 22.  I called the repair guy first, hoping he’d give me some insight.  He said he knew what the problem was and “ordered a new part,” that I should hear something with in a day or so.  Well, a day or so was Christmas Eve and day.  I figured, ok, it was the week of Christmas, I probably won’t hear anything.

Then came New Years week, still nothing.  I called the repair guy on Friday and then Monday, then called the company again.  All I got was that the ticket was closed and I had to call Samsung to reopen the ticket.  WHAT!?  I thought the part was already ordered.  I called Samsung and Samsung said that the company could have repaired it without having me call them, but nevertheless opened a new ticket. The rep at Samsung said I should call to set up the appointment and.  I called and they said it took 24 hours for them to call me.  I told the mealy-mouthed “girl” who answered the phone that I was hoping to bypass that 24 hours because I had a ticket. No avail.  This was Tuesday. I  I never heard anything on Wednesday. I was starting to get my panties in a bunch. So, Thursday morning I call back and the same mealy-mouthed “girl” told me that it was going to cost me $20 for the part and they would call when they could schedule me.  Again, WHAT!? You’ve had me on the hook for almost 5 weeks now!  Well, they called me back later on Thursday and said they wanted to schedule the repair.  The first day they had available was Jan 16. Um… that’s NEXT Friday.  So SIX weeks I’ll be without a fridge that works. Talk about giving me the runaround!? I am going to call Samsung and complain to them about this service center.  I have a lot of Samsung stuff and if they even attempt to mention this vendor to me as a repair I will NEVER purchase anything from Samsung again, even down to a smartphone.  I will wash my hands of them.

What bothers me is that they don’t act, at all, like they care.  They probably don’t.  The service fee ($150) has already been paid and it wasn’t fixed so I don’t have to pay that again.  They’re losing money on me, now, but they have to warranty their work.  All the people that answer phones down there (when they answer – I went through two days of “mailbox full” messages) sound like their drunk, high, just waking up or just plain miserable people, if not a combination of all.  They’re horrible and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

Yesterday was my father’s 67th birthday.  He spent 2-3 hours of that, late afternoon, replacing the faucet in my kitchen sink. It seemingly started leaking around last Thursday. It turns out that there is a shload of mold under that sink because this has been going on for a long while.  There have been lots of things going on under there.  We rarely get under there for anything so we didn’t even know. It wasn’t until the water was running out from under the cabinets that we found out.  We bought a new faucet and my dad, on his birthday, replaced it.  I’m staring, right now, at a fan blowing under the sink trying to dry out the mold so maybe this will blow over (pun).

I’m hoping that the misfortunes that have become us will soon pass. And I don’t mean to drop it all on you, I just felt like I needed to vent after all that has been going on.  You know I don’t like to spill a lot of my personal life when it comes to what is “wrong” because we all have our crap to live through, I shouldn’t dump it on others.

Not Sorry that I used all those cliches in my despair and I suppose that every cloud has a silver lining and some of it truly is silver.  We just have to find our way out of the pit that we’re dealing with.  After all, tomorrow is another day.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The misfortune of the wise is better than the prosperity of the fool.” – Epicurus