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You know I love food.  I also love to promote my friends and favorite places.  That’s what I’m going to do today, just so you know.

One of my favorite places in downtown Winston-Salem is Augustine’s Bistro.  Augustine’s Bistro is owned by Eric and Audrey Muck and is located at 401 W 4th Street and is inside the Stevens Center Theatre. Augustine’s is not part of the Stevens Center, just in it. I repeat it is not part of it.  There sometimes seems to be some confusion about that.  Let’s hope I’ve solved all that confusion.


Augustine’s Bistro, 401 W 4th St. Winston-Salem

It is a bistro that serves traditional French country dishes and American small plates and favorites.  Some of my personal favorites are the Spicy Thai Shrimp made with condensed milk and sriracha; calamari which is seasoned so well that you won’t miss the marinara sauce; speckled trout stuffed with spinach, walnuts (I have them leave off the walnuts on mine) and chèvre served with noodles and haricot verts and has this buttery cream sauce on the top that I get extra of so I can put it all over my noodles. Also, they have a great Black Angus short-rib burger with bacon and blue cheese; some like to add a fried egg to the top of it, but not me.  If you’re feeling like light, but hearty eating, try the grilled brie and salami served on brioche and served with a side salad.

The BCPF’s likes:  the mushroom toast with sauteed portabello and shittake with egg over brioche; the duck confit (really any kind of duck that they prepare, special or otherwise) on a Parmesan polenta cake;  steak & frites; and she also likes the grilled brie and salami.  She also likes the soups and salads.  They have it all.

I believe one of the star attractions of Augustine’s, though is Bartender Extraordinaire, Chris McDonough.  He’s not a bartender, in my opinion, he’s a true mixologist.  He’ll not only make you a drink but tell you the history of it (or make one up), explain how it’s made (if you want) and really take great care of you.  And… you are sure to get at least one inappropriate joke; the best kind.  He’ll make you just about anything you can think of.  I would recommend a nice The Less Desirables Old Fashioned, named after, well, me and The Less Desirables.  Darn good stuff!

I guess I should point out, with full disclosure, that Augustine’s Bistro is the Official Global Cuisine Sponsor of The Less Desirables, but I can assure you that this not a “pay for play” situation.  This truly is one of my favorite restaurants in town and would be there as fast as I could be if I had no association with them at all.


Augustine’s Bistro

Last evening, The BCPF and I took friends of ours to this great location (at the guests’ request) and introduced them to the loveliness that is Augustine’s their food, their drinks, their service (the servers at Augustine’s are always very personable and on top of it).  The words that I heard out of everyone’s mouths the most was: “this is amazing,” or “how do they get this out so fast?”  The food rarely takes very long to get to the table because Eric makes sure the kitchen is run right and run effectively.  But, no matter how fast the food gets to the table, the part that matters the most is the taste.  Flavors truly burst in your mouth.  The guests all agreed they’d love to come back and being that they’re frequenters of downtown WSNC’s restaurant scene, I’m sure they will; hopefully with us!

So if you’re looking for something new that you’ve not had before, or if you want something comfortable and delicious, great drinks, great location or a combination of all the above, Augustine’s will fit the bill!  Visit their website or call them at 336.293.8357.  Look at the menu, make reservations, eat, drink, be merry!  Tell them I sent you!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Light, refined, learned and noble, harmonious and orderly, clear and logical, the cooking of France is, in some strange manner, intimately linked to the genius of her greatest men.” – Marcell Rouff