So I’m part of this little social club.  I love social clubs, especially the ones that are really close knit, do things on a regular basis, and I enjoy hanging with the people.  We call this thing DFK.  DFK was the name of the large trivia team that we had amassed to play at Finnigan’s Wake.  It stands for Daphne’s Free Kittens.  The story behind that is a long and not really complex one that doesn’t need to be told.  Nothing clandestine or anything like that, just nothing notable, really.  One of the members thought it stood for Da Friends Klub. I hated that, but have grown somewhat fond of it.


Some of the DFK

So there’s 10 people in DFK and we have some other people that hang at our events with us.  The members are Schlimme, JenPa, JoPa, JOY, JenCo, JayCo, CE, AE, The BCPF and myself.  Some of the extras are ArtiN, JoeN, ChasMac, JByrd, along with some other “sometimes” and some of the group members’ kids, at times.

Last night being New Year’s Eve, we had our annual hoedown and had a great time with 6 of us and ArtiN and JoeN.  Schlimme, JOY and the Pas, the “Ns” and of course you, The BCPF, I enjoyed my NYE with you all.

We wrote and sealed in envelopes, our resolutions, which I won’t go over what I said, but I do want to say that I see 2015 as being my year.  Our year, The BCPF’s and mine.  Business/career-wise, I will be getting back on top.  Doing a lot of production, a lot of vacations/trips, a few more podcasts and I will be making some money!  It’s on!!!

I hope all of you have nothing shy of a fabulous 2015!  I hope you’re healthy, happy, and prosperous.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” – Benjamin Franklin