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SPOILER ALERT! I’m going to put it up front, this is about Serial, the podcast that has taken the country by storm these last few months.  If you’re still catching up, or if you think that you will be catching up, I invite you to look at another post that I’ve done, check out some of the great peeps I follow (see on the right sidebar), or simply exit and come back tomorrow.  OK, last warning.  Really, this is it.  Alrighty, then…


Serial Podcast

So, it’s done.  We listened to the testimony of various people, heard commentary from Sarah Koenig and her “staff,” heard from Adnan, etc.  My question to you, Dear Reader, at least the ones who have listened to the show, who do you think did it?

Do you think they have the right person; did Adnan do it?  Was it Jay, the friend and key witness of the prosecution, who claimed to some that he was involved but to others that he wasn’t?  Was it Mr. S, whose wild and streaky ways led him to discover Hae-Min Lee’s body; but what was he doing out there (other than what he said he was doing) and why?  Was it Robert Lee Moore, the serial (no pun intended) rapist/burglar/murderer that was out, briefly and possibly at the same time the horrible crime happened.

I was absolutely convinced that Adnan was at least not the one to do it. Was he involved?  Probably not if he didn’t actually do it.  I think Koenig said it best when she asked as to why Adnan would even agree to talk, unless he’s a truly sick puppy, if he was guilty?  There wasn’t any reason for it.

I thought that Mr. S was a shady cat, no doubt, but I think he was really a streaking alcoholic (not that there’s anything wrong with that) who got caught up in the situation and attention.  So, other than just finding the body after “taking a streak leak,” I don’t think it was him, either.

Until the last episode, I thought all evidence lent, at least slightly more than significantly, to Jay being the one.  He had the phone, the car, the means.  He was also quick to give up info to other people. Jay the self absorbed, self important a-double-s hat that more than a few people on the show thought was full of hooey. I was more sick of him than any during the show.  I’m still not convinced he didn’t do it.

Then the last episode gave us Robert Lee Moore.  There were a lot of signs pointing to him, at least in theory.  It seemed that the police, and other principals in this show got excited about once evidence and circumstance showed up.  It was in his realm, his M.O. Also, the time frame was right.  I’m glad they’re at least going back to check on the evidence, at least as much as they can; it was 15 years ago!  Still not necessarily convinced that he did it, but it IS quite possible.

My hope is that Moore did it and it can be proven as much.  I hope Adnan gets out of prison and moves on.  Again, though, it may be that Adnan did but I’m just not thinking that is the case.  Then, there’s Jay.  I just don’t trust that guy and if it’s not Moore, I can see it being Jay.  Arrogant bastidge!

I reiterate that I believe that this model is the future of podcasting, my medium.  Having an overall picture to paint and taking several weeks to do so, it keeps the listeners on alert, it’s fun, it’s smart, just like episodic serial television, the cliffhangers and plot points bring the listeners along; especially when it’s true-life, I think.  I will be exploring, as I said in my post earlier this week, this model for my business moving forward.  Don’t worry, there will still be many podcasts the way I have been doing, that will keep on keeping on.  This is in addition to.

Anywhat! Tell me, Dear Reader, who do you think killed Hae-Min Lee?  Comment, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, I want to hear your thoughts!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“How great is podcasting? Any time you like you can just log on to a website and download an episode directly.” – Shantley Q, contributor, Popmatters.com