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I’ve mentioned many times that I’m a podcast producer.  I produce four shows, now, with a few more to come in 2015.

A big thing in podcasting has been Serial.  It’s an off-shoot of This American Life, a public radio staple.  A lot of my friends, both IRL and on Facebook have been talking about it, heavily, since October, when it started.  I’ve only listened to a few episodes of it.


Serial Podcast

“What is it!?” I hear you, Dear Reader, I hear you.  What it is is a story told in a series, like television shows or old radio shows, along with book and magazines all do or used to do.  It’s based from a true crime story about Hae Min-Lee, a young woman that was murdered and dumped in Leakin Park in Baltimore.  Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted in the murder, although he claimed innocence.  The circumstances and investigation of the happenings around this case is the basis of content for Serial.  I can’t really comment further on the details because I’m only on the third episode.  Plus, I don’t like and don’t want to convey spoilers.

The point is, content like this (not necessarily true crime), delivered in sections, in serial form, I believe, is the future of podcasting; the future of storytelling, both true life and made up.  This is where things are going.  Podcasting itself is, in my opinion, the future of media.  There’s a reason they’re called New Media.  I’m so glad that I’ve been at the forefront of the technology.  Now, I have to keep up, adapt, and conquer!  I want to explore podcasting like this, storytelling like this.  And, not just from me, from others, writers, contributors, etc.  I hope to take you all with me. Something to think about, you creative people, you.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“Podcasting is great. Total freedom.” – Bill Burr