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This week I attended one of the Linking Winston-Salem events at BB&T Ballpark.  Linking Winston-Salem is a networking opportunity for professionals to meet and interact with others in the area to grow both personally and professionally.

Paul Kostenaar

Paul Kortenaar, Executive Director, SciWorks

Kristen Daukas, Paul Jones and Mr. Kim Williams are the organizers of the events and it happens, usually, about once a month.  They do a great job with the meetings, getting quality guest speakers and there is food.  The cost is $15 – a fair price for decent food, informational speakers and excellent networking opportunities.  The guest speaker this week was Paul Kortenaar, the Executive Director of SciWorks.  He talked about “Education in an Innovative Future” and went over how SciWorks is working to enhance education in the ever-changing days ahead.

This was my first appearance and I found that I knew a few of the people and was introduced to several that I didn’t know.  These introductions will, hopefully, lead to great guest appearances on The Less Desirables.  It was also about 2 minutes before noon on Tuesday when they had me announce that I was opening the travel agency, Bee On Your Way Travel, that I wrote about (the blog/Facebook page/public release came out at noon on Tuesday) this week. So, they heard it first.

I highly recommend any professionals or prospective professionals to attend these meetings and see who it is you can meet and what it is you can learn. There won’t be a January meeting, but usually once a month.  You can keep an eye on their Facebook page to see and learn more about them and what they do.

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“Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships.” – Lindsay Fox