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So No. 4 of The Less Desirables Podcast Network is here!  It’s one of the TWO that I actually host (well, co-host) as well as produce.  This one is all about something near and dear to my heart and and get to do it with one of my favorite humans: my wife, my love, my best girl, The BCPF.  And we do it with our good friend, Nikki Miller-Ka!

What is this podcast that is dear to my heart and you do with your girl and Nikki?  Well, it’s Tart & Tangy Triad, and it’s a foodie podcast!  In a format that we call “Food News and Views.”TLDNetwork


Tart & Tangy Triad

TTT, as we call it, started in July of 2013 but was conceived shortly before.  At, you guessed, dinner.  This was the only of the four shows that wasn’t my initial concept or idea.  The Less Desirables was my idea, my concept, my baby.  It was brought to fruition by myself, yes, but Brian helped it grow and then Eugene came and made it flourish. Camel City Dispatch was a co-concept with Chad Nance and myself, just as Fan Interference was me asking Ty Collins to do a weekly sports show.  This, however, was the idea of The BCPF.

We were eating at a local establishment when I got into a Twitter debate with local foodie, owner of the first food blog in Winston-Salem, Official Food Guru of The Less Desirables and professional chef, Nikki Miller-Ka about the merits of said food establishment.  The BCPF said, in her matter-of-fact manner, “there’s your next podcast, right there.”  And I said, “hmmmm…” and thought that she was even more genius than I think she is all the time.  I told Nikki, via Twitter, that I had a proposal for her.  She agreed to meet with us that night! We talked about the idea and then we talked about how to make it work. Of course, we did this while imbibing alcoholic delights at another local establishment. We agreed to have another meeting to get our heads more in line, at the studio.

We decided that the show should be laid out like a menu.  The initial test included an Amuse Bouche (to amuse the mouth) course, a Soup course, a Salad course, a Fish course, a Meat course and a Dessert course. What does all that mean, you ask?  I’ll wait while you ask… (you did, too, didn’t you? I know you too well, Dear Reader)…   Well, the Amuse Bouche was to “whet the appetite” or inform you of what you’d be hearing about.  The Soup course is all about the gossip, or well, like dishing out the “soup.” Get it?  The Salad course is trends and other “cool” things.  The Fish course is all about food TV. The Meat or “meat of it all” is our reviews of food, food establishments, food service, and restaurants; why we wanted to do the show to begin with.  Dessert is about festivals and events that are going on around the Triad, NC, area.

We rearranged the show a bit, basically eliminating the Amuse Bouche part and just talking a bit about us and what’s been happening with us.  We also moved the events/festivals to the front of the show.  Who doesn’t enjoy Dessert first, anyways?  We agreed that while there are some instances that we’ll need to talk about TV food happenings, we would just do that section periodically.

There is a big part that was added, partly of necessity and partly out of want, in August of 2013.  The TLD computer (a Macbook Pro) was stolen and we couldn’t do the podcasts.  TLD did theirs at a local radio station but the rest had to be put on hiatus.  So to combat the time off, we did video podcasts, instead, for two weeks, until the comp was replaced.  That actually turned into a weekly teaser or mini vlog we like to call, The Appetizer.  It shows up on Friday mornings/afternoons and generally has Nikki talking about something she’s doing, The BCPF giving some food history (she’s really good at that) and me doing some host-like commentary.  There’s always something embedded that is supposed to be funny.  You just have to find it and really, you may not find it funny.  Maybe that’s just me.

We record TTT on Tuesdays, in the late afternoon/early evenings and it’s usually available by 7:30p on those Tuesdays.  The Appetizers are recorded directly after the podcast and edited by me on Thursdays or Fridays, whichever I’m best suited to that week.  We hope you listen, which you can do from either the website or on iTunes or on Stitcher.  Enjoy and bon appetit!

Until tomorrow, the last of the NaBloPoMo entries, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“If you are eating well and your condition is pure and clean, life itself becomes like the dreams or visions that you have when sleeping.– Michio Kushi