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The Less Desirables

The Less Desirables wouldn’t be where they are without three components: the hosts, the listeners and our sponsors.  Without our sponsors we’d not be able to operate, have “research materials,” get the word out quite as easily.  I figured it was good practice to give them some love, as well.  We love them 🙂


City Beverage

Our first sponsor – Our Official Beer Sponsor – is City Beverage, located at 915 Burke Street in Winston-Salem.  Spenser and his crew always make sure we have the finest (and admittedly, sometimes not the finest) brews.  City Bev, as we call it, has been around since 1946 and offers one of the largest selections of beer in the area.  Follow them on Twitter, too: @citybeverageco


a/perture Cinema

Our Official Movie Sponsor is a/perture Cinema, located at 311 W. 4th Street, W-S.  Owner and curator, Lawren Desai, is always on top of new movie happenings including attending festivals, having some of the best art house type films along with mainstream releases.  They also show “classic” or 80s or kid/family friendly films.  They’re available for rent, as well.  On Twitter: @aperturecinema


King’s Crab Shack & Oyster Bar

Our Official Seafood Sponsor is King’s Crab Shack & Oyster Bar.  You can have a The Less Desirables Oyster Shot at 239 W. 4th Street, W-S. The TLD Oyster Shot is (your choice) vodka or tequilla with bloody mary mix, Old Bay, horseradish, hot sauce, pepper and, of course, a raw oyster.  In addition, you can have a Dreamy Steamy Bucket, with crab legs, oysters, scallops, shrimp, mussels, clams and you never know what else. If it’s seafood, it could be in there.  Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays and they have salads, burgers and soups.  Yes, you can get pecks of oysters.  Check them out! Twitter: @KingsCrabShack


Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub & Kitchen

Our Official Emerald Isle is Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub & Kitchen.  They’re at 620 N. Trade St., W-S. THIRTY-NINE BEER TAPS!!! What can be more wonderful than that!?  Well, add a root beer on tap (from Abita) and you have awesomeness on tap! The greatest Irish pub fare the area knows including shepherd’s pie, fish & chips, Guinness stew, sandwiches, appetizers, etc.  They have pub trivia on Tuesdays starting at 8:20p.  This is where Brian and I first met, where we solidified plans to start The Less Desirables, and where most of our Meetings of the Minds have happened.  So, Finnigan’s has been very special to us. Twitter: @FinnigansWake


The Garage of Winston-Salem

Our Official Music Sponsor is The Garage of Winston-Salem, located at 110 W. 7th St.  The Garage has been around since 2000 and are the champions of local music. What we call “Under the Big Ass Fan,” The Garage has one of the greatest sound systems around and one of the best sound engineers, Brian Doub. Tucker Tharpe and Brian Cole have taken the place over and its success is continuously growing.  Want to see that hot, up-and-coming regional band you’ve heard so much about?  THIS is where you’ll see it.  Want good beer, wine and liquor selections whilst listening to said bands? Again, THIS is the place!  We try, as is possible, to play songs on TLD from artists that will be appearing at The Garage the following weekend; kind of like a preview.  Go see bands at The Garage! Twitter: @thegaragews


Augustine’s Bistro

Our Official Global Cuisine is Augustine’s Bistro at 401 W. 4th Street, W-S. Classic French cuisine mixed with small plates and some tapas, Augustine’s is a true departure from the “usual” food selections downtown.  Another plus for them is a mixologist.  Not a bartender, but a mixologist.  His name is Chris McDonough and he’s awesome!  He’ll not only make you a drink, he’ll tell you a story about it or give you some drink science behind it.  While you’re there, tell him you want a The Less Desirables Old Fashioned.  That’s made with Larceny bourbon, which is some smooth stuff! Just give it a try and TRUST ME!! Twitter: @augustines401

We hope that you enjoy our sponsors as much as you do. We encourage you to visit them and do it often.  They put support behind us, and we ask that you put yours behind them.  Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger