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Fan Interference

The next to show up in the realm of The Less Desirables Network is the sports review/preview/editorial show we call Fan Interference.  Ty Collins is the College Sports Guru for The Less Desirables.  He knows his stuff.  He and I had discussed doing a show all about sports with him.  We started in late winter/early spring 2013.  We recorded it in the evenings on Mondays.

Why Mondays?  Just like The Less Desirables recording on Wednesdays, there’s a method and reason to recording day.  The majority of major sports happenings is on the weekend.  Sure, basketball and baseball happens all during the week but most things can be recapped or put through the ringers on the weekends. And, of course, football happens mostly on the weekends.  Mondays, too, are the first day of the work week, so it’s an escape from the agony of returning to work.

Mainly, the topics are NBA, NFL, MLB, college sports, Wake Forest sports, etc.

Later that year, we added Brian Neal, a television producer, to add more flavor and insight.  Admittedly, while I love sports (except basketball), I don’t really keep up enough to provide point/counterpoint with Ty.  Brian’s inclusion has been a real enhancement to the show.  We have also moved the show to Monday afternoons as it’s more conducive to the scheduling of all involved.

So, if you like sports and want to hear editorial/talk show-like perspective on those sports, check out Fan Interference.  You can listen from The Less Desirables Network page on The Less Desirables site or from iTunes or Stitcher.  Enjoy and play ball!!!

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“I’m a football fan, a sports fan, a fan of competition.” – Matthew McConaughey