The month of November is, indeed, NaBloPoMo.  And it is absolutely my birthday month; my favorite month of the year.  But, also another important person in my life is my brother, RB, who is two days younger than me. I’d like to take time to talk about him a bit.

So you’re thinking how can my brother be two days younger than me? Or, better (or worse) yet, how did my poor mother go through that?!?!  Well, RB isn’t my natural brother, although we are naturally brothers.  Though, I think, we both figure we met before, we actually met in Kindergarten in West Virginia.  We were both snarky, but shyish little boys.  I grew out of mine absolutely and he stayed in his mostly.  He lived less than a mile from me and was at my house all the time.  Because our birthdays were so close we had many a party and/or celebration together.

My mother always begged his mother to let her “have him.”  I think there were actually times when she considered it, too.  RB was a cute little’un.  We grew up the best of friends and the best of enemies.  There always was a competition in us, but never anything with jealousy, at least not on my part and as far as I know on his.  But, even with competition, we loved each other, and we’d both do anything for each other.  RB had a real brother and many real sisters.  I can’t say for sure, but I think he had a closer relationship with my sister and me than them, but I’m certainly not taking away from their roles in his life and certainly am not saying he didn’t love them.  My mom would take him with us to buy school clothes, and really treated him like he was hers.  RB was always staying over, sometimes, during the summer, for a week at a time.  On weekends, it was generally Friday-Sunday.  We were always together.  We had other friends, but we were still always like brothers.

When time came for my family to move to NC, RB was still up in WV.  Things weren’t always rosy with him and life.  Some trouble came and he dealt with it, best he could.  He eventually moved to NC, but to a totally different part than I.  Again, some trouble, this time a little more serious, came along.  And, he unfortunately lost both of his natural parents over time. I think that helped meld us even closer as family.  He was even the best man in my first wedding (to 3B’s mother).  While still in the lower area of the state he became a professional wrestler.  Although not on TV, it was just like on TV, somewhat grittier and somewhat more mysterious.  They certainly worked for it.

We eventually got him to move up to Winston-Salem and, eventually, he settled in.  He got with some wrestlers here and stayed.  He met his wife and found his footing.  Sadly, his wife passed away earlier this year, but she was certainly instrumental in shaping his adult life into a better one; better than I could do. He’ll bounce back because that’s what he always does. He’s much stronger than I in so many ways.



He just recently found contact with his daughter who is, I think, 20 years old.  He never had any proof she was his as it was “one of those things” back in the day.  I think he has his proof:  She’s short, petite and pretty… just like his natural mother.  I think they’re trying to work out relationship details because, even though he’s her father, she has a dad.  He understands that, but I know he wants to be there for her, however she needs it.  He’s always been that.  He’s been where ever he’s needed.  I love him for that.

He’s the one that picks on my son and my nephews the best.  He’s a jokester.  He’ll find your faults and laugh at you for it, but then be sympathetic to your plight.  He’s serious and not serious all at the same time.  Always expect something, anything from RB.  It’s going to happen.

My parents introduce him as their son.  My sister calls him her big brother, just as she does with me.  I will call him my brother (as if memory serves we did the blood thing) til the day I die.  We even kind of look alike.  There are stories I could tell that would take 20 blog posts to just get started but I won’t do that.  I just want to make it known that I love this man and know that he loves me and that we are, and always have been, brothers. Brothers forever.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. – Edwin Markham