On Monday I wished, albeit cryptically and indirectly, my buddy Eugene a happy birthday.  Relax, Eug, it’s over and they have a whole year to forget that your birthday is November 17.  Well, unlike Eug, I am all about me “some birthday.”  It’s my day.  Yes, we all share a birthday with about 6 million others, but that number is small compared to how many people you share Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter, Chanukah, Ramaḍān, etc. with.  I know, and would call friends, about 7 people that share my birthday.  So, yes, this is my day and I don’t mind anyone knowing it.  Today is my birthday.

Forty-four years ago today my mother gave birth to me at 6:36am, a week earlier than I was due (gladly because I wouldn’t be a Scorpio had I been born on time), through my dad having to remove the trailer from his car’s hitch, in a hospital that is no longer standing in a desolate little town in West Virginia; it wasn’t desolate then. 44 isn’t too bad.  Really, the only birthday that I dreaded was 35.  35 was the first one that, as an adult, I think, I was moving into a new age bracket.  You know what I mean: when you fill out forms, either online or on paper and they ask your age, it was 18-34 and then 35-49, etc.  I’m not near 49, yet.  40 wasn’t a problem. In fact, that was the first one with my girl, The BCPF.  It was two days after that day (my brother’s birthday) that I bought the engagement ring for her.


We all do it!

My 21st birthday was the first time I ever got the flu. Yep on that day.  I didn’t get to drink for 4 days after that.  What I remember most about my 21st birthday (other than being sick) was that it was on 11/24/91 that the drummer from KISS, Eric Carr, passed away from cancer.  That was mostly overshadowed and overlooked because that happened to also be the day that Freddie Mercury became the first rock star to die of AIDS.  Happy birthday week to me. I drank my first liquor on that date.

I’ve always taken November to be my month.  So, that’s yet another reason I agreed to do this NaBloPoMo thing, I could highlight all the days in my month.  As you can read, this year’s November hasn’t been the best, but things are going okay so, I’m not complaining any more.  I got that out of the way on here.  At least I’m not complaining about what has already happened.  Can’t say I won’t for anything new that comes along. (wink)

So until tomorrow, when it’s not birthday, same blog channel…
Scorp and his birthday are o-u-t!!!

“A birthday is just another day where you go to work and people give you love. Age is just a state of mind, and you are as old as you think you are. You have to count your blessings and be happy. – Abhishek Bachchan