I am in a fantasy football league with seven of my friends (eight considering one team is basically co-managed by a husband and wife).  I love playing fantasy football.  The drafting, the decisions, the fact that it makes you pull for players on teams that normally you wouldn’t; I have a Cowboy on my team. Yep, I love fantasy football.

I drafted a good team back in August. Top names, ones that have always proven to be good.  I went by the name Inhumans.  But, then everything changed.  Right before the season, one of my running back was stopped by police and charged with possession and DUI (from the possession), one of my WRs was suspended for Adderall use, my kicker suspended for domestic violence. So I got a temporary replacement kicker and just as I picked him up, he was dropped from the team he was playing for. I love fantasy football.

To get that K I had given up a decent WR to make room; luckily, I eventually got him back. Then got another replacement kicker (from my Steelers) that has been doing really well. It was supposed to be temporary but just as the time came for my original kicker to be reinstated, he, too, was cut from his team.  WHAT!? I love fantasy football.



Then came the kicker (that pun was most certainly intended): my #1 draft pick, #1 overall, mind you, was accused of beating his kid with a switch (or a branch as it was described) and put on the Commissioner’s Exempt list, basically meaning suspended.  He was a no trade/no drop player and that messed me up.  So by this time I decided to change the name of my team to Cast of Criminals and Invalids. One of the other RBs that I had was having a very bad season so I let him go and replaced him with another no-name back.  He ended up getting me some points but not consistently.  I know there are ups and downs but just couldn’t justified keeping him. Jeez o’Pete, I love fantasy football.

I had a tight end that wasn’t doing anything so I replaced him.  But, I was determined to use my main TE which, you guessed it, eventually, I got rid of.  Another WR out, replaced with a RB.  Then another RB to replace the one that was dropped because of beating his kid; he never got off the ground.  Then pushed out my main (then backup) defense because they were sucking like a hoover; replaced them with another D. Then let go of one of the RBs that I picked up for yet another, and another, and another. I love fantasy football.

The one week my starting QB was on bye I put in my backup QB.  He had done decently up until then and then reeked it up the week he was in for me..  Out with him in with the QB from my favorite team. Then, my starting QB, who was on a roll, went down with a broken collarbone. Out. So now, QB, RB, WR, K, Def are all Steelers.  At one point, even my TE.  I love fantasy football.

This weekend, I had a major WR and my other RB on bye so I had to choose between two no-name RBs because I moved WRs around for the flex position (WR/RB).  Well, I picked the wrong no-name.  The one I picked did a whopping 1.60 points where the one I sat out did 17.50.  Dang!  My TE did next to nothing, my usual cash cow WR as well. All that’s left for me this week is for the 5 Steelers positions to somehow manage 72.6 points.  I’m way behind.  Next week, the Steelers have a bye, so I will have 5 non-starters (at least on my team) starting next week. Have I mentioned that I hate fantasy football?  I hate loving fantasy football.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Thank you… fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports.” – Jimmy Fallon