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In an online conversation with Kristen Daukas, I talked about how I would wait until the last minute to do my research papers or assignments in general. when I was matriculating at Kaplan University.  Part of it is that I work better under pressure.  When my professors would require an outline or “rough draft,” I would actually turn in the actual, fully-written paper and 85% of the time that was okay.  When it wasn’t I’d still write the fully-written paper, then create the outline in reverse.  I hated writing papers from outlines because my work was always choppy.  I’m an on-the-fly guy.  I just do better that way.

The other reason I waited is, well, I’m a procrastinator.  My father once made me look up the definition of procrastination when I was about 13 years old.  He had asked if I knew what it meant, and I said no.  He’s such a smart-a$$ that instead of telling me, he made me look it up in the ol’ Funk & Wagnalls. So, yeah, I’ll admit it: I put off a lot of stuff.  Sometimes, even the stuff that I want to do, I’ll put it off.  Not proud of it, but it happens; often. I’d even say I got really good at it.

So I thought I’d make a Top 10 List of why I procrastinate:
I’ll fill this in later…

So until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” – Don Marquis