So my parents’ company switched their phone and internet services from AT&T to TimeWarner Cable Business Class.  When I switched all this mess over, it was, in my mind, the proper thing to do: cancel the AT&T services.  Okay… Done!

Mais attendre! Where did my emails go?  Where did all of our, with (what TWC calls “vanity” emails) our own domain, emails go?  WTHeck?!  I spent about 3 hours on the phone between TWC, AT&T and Network Solutions, whom we had registered the domain with.  Turns out NS had NOTHING to do with it so after those 3 hours, we left them out.  Finally, it came down to TWC and AT&T both telling me it was the others’ problem.  I had to reinstate my service with AT&T just to get them to point the DNS servers to TWC.  This was in JUNE!


What I REALLY Want to do Right Now! (Photo ©sme-blog)

I noticed on a credit card bill, this past Monday, that I was still being charged by AT&T for this service.  So, thinking it had all gotten worked out, I called and cancelled the service, again! And… again the emails stop.  So I get on the phone with TWC yesterday to get them to work on this.  I call this morning, after being told that I need to give it 24 hours, and they say, again, that I need to contact AT&T. AT&T says it’s TWC’s problem.  Back and forth.  Back and forth. Back and forth.

Finally, I get AT&T to get me in contact with the registrar company that controls my domain, Melbourne IT.  Melbourne tells me that: absolutely, without question, the only ones that can do anything to it at all, i sTWC.  So here I am again on hold with TWC waiting to get this resolved.  I started this at 8:15am this morning and as I write this it is 11:03am.  Almost THREE HOURS I’ve worked on this.  It’s a matter of changing two servers’ names.  That’s ALL it is.

Generally, I have no problem with TWC, but I know that many others do.  I don’t.  This is the first problem I’ve had.  They are “seeing what has to be done to resolve this.”  Send me positive vibes, Dear Reader.  I am in dire need.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

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