A friend of mine, Nick Badgio, is doing this NaBloPoMo with me and is finding difficulties in topics.  A friend of his told him that all he wrote about was music and that seemed to bother Nick.


Nick Badgio – Wedding Singer Extraordinaire

My thing about writing blogs is this: we write about things that interest us. More than that, we write about things that are our passions.  I like long walks on the beach, sipping tea in… wait!  Wrong forum for that!  Sorry.  I meant to say, there are a lot of things that I can say that I like.  But, there are, usually, only a few things that I’ll write about.  This month, however has brought out more in me than just the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All Time, my honeymoon, and a random diatribe about someone that pissed me off, although those things are what I write about the most.

I, too, am a musician and know that a lot of my posts are about music and I do branch out, but think about this: the bloggers that write for major news agencies, magazines, local and national food critique blogs, local news dailies (like Camel City Dispatch), etc. all write what they know and are passionate about.  Like I said on Facebook to him, I wouldn’t ever write about auto mechanics (the action, not the people) because I know nothing about them.  I may write about mechanics the people because I’m not afraid to call someone out.  Anywhat!

Write about the things you love.  Your posts will always be more enjoyable to the readers when you enjoy what you write about; when you feel it.  Don’t write about rocket surgery unless you’re into it, I won’t want to read it and I doubt anyone else would either.  Just my 2.46¢ worth (inflation and all that).

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!!

“Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.” – Denis Diderot