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Ok, I’m a Steelers fan. A life-long Steelers fan, actually.  But, I love football in general.  NFL footall, that is.  I’m just getting into Soccer but I’m not talking about that right now.  This is FOOTBALL!

I’m sitting here watching the Cleveland Browns v. Cincinnati Bengals.  Both teams are rivals of my beloved Steelers.  The point I’m going to make actually has nothing to do with the game itself but my least favorite announcer, Phil Simms (who is calling this game).  I never cared for him as a player. I respected him, but didn’t care for him.  I dislike him greatly as an announcer.  Why?  Well, there’s several reasons. Shall I elaborate? Ok


Phil Simms (photo by CBS Sports)


Phil Simms? (Photo by therionorteline)

One, he’s just not very good. He and his broadcast partner, Jim Nantz, are the “A Team” for CBS’ roster.  That’s not saying much for CBS’ other announcers, really.  Well, they also have Dan Fouts, who I only liked in Waterboy with Adam Sandler, but I digress.  Neither Nantz nor Simms are top-notch.  It’s like listening to John Madden talk twice as much and non-stop.  John Madden was notorious for being an obvious observer.  He know his stuff, but almost everything was the most mindless drivel.  Simms, the “color” commentator, starts filling every speck of time that Nantz isn’t talking with knowledgeable, but needless info.  He needs to back the hues of “color” back a few shades.  I don’t need that much talk.

Another thing is that he has some vendetta against the Steelers.  I don’t know why he does, but he does.  He finds every opportunity to talk passive-aggressively and with disdain for the old Black and Gold.  It doesn’t matter who they’re playing, the Steelers can do no right.  There’s always a reason or something that they’re doing wrong.  The other team can have 8 turnovers and he’ll praise them. Yet, he goes out of his way to talk trash about Pittsburgh.  There was one game in 2011 that the Steelers were playing their arch rivals, Baltimore Ravens, and a fight broke out.  Fights don’t just happen one-sided; there’s always two involved, at least.  I can’t remember if we started it or they started it, but there was a fight and the Steelers were flagged.  There was no recourse for the Ravens player and Simms actually cheered for that.  Maybe it wasn’t as much the Ravens player, maybe it was.

Anywhat, I think he’s a piece of dung.  Those are strong words, I know and I don’t normally talk like that on here.  I really don’t like him, can you tell?  I wish that CBS would stop putting him with Steelers games.  But, he does a lot of them, so that must mean the Steelers are marquee enough.  That’s cool with me.  Just don’t like him.

Ok, well I’m done with that rant.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I had fun pretending to be a sportscaster.” – Dennis Miller