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Salutations™!!  Can you believe it!?  Two in two weeks.  Is this officially called a roll!?

First off, I spelled Hole exactly how I intended, it’s not spelled incorrectly. Speaking of which:

#460 – Live Through This by Hole.  If this had been 10 years ago, I’d have spit on it and called it shaming names and kicked it like a scoundrel dog.  I didn’t spit on this.  I also didn’t call it too many names.  There’s bad taste just from old memories but I’ve mostly brushed my teeth of that mess.  “Asking For It,” “Doll Parts,” and especially “Jennifer’s Body” are really well written songs.  Other than her screaming (a lot) this was a very listenable album. Creepy that it came out mere days after Kurt was found dead. Dug!

#459 – Golden Hits by The Drifters.  I have decided I’m not rating greatest hits albums.  The jury is still out on the live ones.  I think an album should be a collection of carefully sequenced songs, placed in an order to tell some kind of story, even if it’s not a concept album.  “Hits” albums are usually record company throw-togethers that were just what made them some money that they want to try and capitalize on.  So, even though I listened to it, for continuity sake and to be truthful in my listening experience, scratch it on a review.

Tumbleweed Connection – Elton John

#458 – Tumbleweed Connection by Elton John.  When I first heard this a few years back, I didn’t really like the “Americana” Elton.  But upon a deeper listening, I really liked the album. I am sure that learning “Amoreena” to sing with the Vagabond Saints Society had a little something to do with it. Really not a bad song on the album. “Amoreena” is, of course, my favorite, but “Burn Down the Mission” is quite nice, too. Dug!

#457 – Z by My Morning Jacket.  I love synth music. I do.  From the beginning at “Wordless Chorus” there was an ’80s pop/1st wave quality about it and I really like that.  Harmonies are big happenings with me and this album is loaded with them.  Back to guitar jangle on the second song, “It Beats For You,” and that is a great thing.  Atmospheric in nature, the album keeps a trip-minded path that makes it very listenable.  Fun stuff.  I saw MMJ live in GSO with my fiance, the BCPF, at the horrible sounding War Memorial Auditorium and it sounded like a cluster mess.  This is great.  DUG!

#456 – Here, My Dear by Marvin Gaye.  When researching this album (especially after listening to it and wondering: er…?), I found out about MG’s divorce from the boss’s sister.  Being that he didn’t want to pay the requested “palimony” that she was seeking to support their son, MG’s attorney pretty much got him to agree to give a large amount of royalties from his next album’s sales to her and be done with it.  Listening back on the album, it’s a weird piece of work.  Not at all bad, but not the feel good Marvin we came to know and love.  Read the song titles, if nothing else: “You Can Leave, But It’s Going to Cost You,” or the title track.  One listen and you can tell he’s not too happy, but he gives it all he can because he wants it to be right for his fans.  I dug it but wouldn’t really want to own it, or even listen again.

#455 – How Will the Wolf Survive? by Los Lobos.  Tex-Mex-styled C&W/rockabilly/jangly-pop  at its best.  It was a pleasure listening to the album, although nothing really stood out mightily.  The song “Will the Wolf Survive” I used as a theme interstitial on the Camel City Dispatch News Hour a month ago.  Dug.

#454 – Love It to Death by Alice Cooper.  I know I should like Alice more.  I know it. I know it.  I appreciate his antics, I saw him live once and while it wasn’t KISS, it was still good.  I just can’t get into his music.  I want to. I really, really do.  That being said, this wasn’t a bad listen, at all!  “I’m Eighteen” is a classic Alice tune and it’s pretty cool.  I liked the chorus of “Caught in a Dream” a good bit, too.  The sassy qualities of “Hallowed Be My Name” is endearing.  Toy pianos in rock always get me and no one plays the kiddie-creepy like Alice (listen to Welcome to My Nightmare).  Dug.

Strictly Business – EPMD

#453 – Strictly Business by EPMD.  “I Shot the Sherrif”… I mean, “Strictly Business” is fun.  I thought it reminded me a lot of Eric B and Rakim’s Paid in Full (which has to be in this list, somewhere).  Upon reading about it, it was called a “compliment” to it.  The time frame is right; the style is right; all is right.  And, it’s in a time that I liked what I heard in this genre.  Tight beats and fun samples (and yes, I hated sampling, then… still do mostly; this is tastefully done), not too harsh on the lyrical content and good stuff to hear.  I liked it.  I’d own it, believe it or not. DUG!

#452 – John Prine by John Prine.  What does this world need with two Bob Dylans?  This sounded a lot like Dylan except not.  I don’t know. I found myself counting down until it was over (three more songs… two more songs… LAST song…).  There was nothing on this album that I really found memorable, other than the (gasp!) drug references.  I’m sure I’ll get reamed for that, but it is what it is.  Not a fan. Did not dig…

Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

#451 – Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.  What a waste! SO much talent and one of my favorite albums on this leg of the countdown.  This album was mesmerizing from track 2 on.  “Rehab” isn’t a bad song, but I think it’s the weakest link and could have been left off – if it weren’t so telling.  “You Know I’m No Good” is fantastic!  “Me & Mr. Jones” and her use of the word “f*ckery” is nothing shy of genius.  Her voice is so soulful and playful, yet you can almost hear the tragedy about to burst at the seams.  She could have been this generations Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald, or Etta James if not for her demons winning the losing fight.  Absolutely my fave on this segment of the list.


Some of the albums thus far have been throw-aways.  Even some of the ones that I liked I felt like some were forced upon us.  I don’t know how much I’ll go back to listen to some of it but there have been some real gems that have made me say “dayum!” more than once.  I’ve not started the next wave, yet. But, I’m on my way this week or next so, hopefully, I’ll be able to update in another two weeks… or less!

Until next time, dear readers, same blog channel at SOME blog time… Scorp is out!!