Salutations™!  And welcome to the NEW and improved(?) Useless Things Need Love Too!

Let me first start off by saying I have nothing but praise for my old landing spot.  Blogger offers people a nice platform to begin a blog, and really so does WordPress, which I’m on now.  It’s really a matter of whether you want to log in through Google or your own “site” every time.  That, and, to me, the dashboard and slimline functionality of WordPress is easier to deal with.  I already use WP as the dashboard for The Less Desirables and Tart & Tangy TriadTLD  sites.  When I get around to makinTTTRealg The Less Desirables Network dedicated page then I’ll use it there, too.  So, why not keep it all in the family.  I can still get to my old blog posts and will consider archiving them as time goes on.  Right now, it takes so long for me to even get a post in that I don’t know that the need is there, at least not just yet.

Anywhat, the new site is just redesigned, not an overhaul or redistribution of content.  I’ll still be full of my usual snark and wit and awesome genius, not to mention my impeccable humility.  So in that, nothing has changed.  I’ll get back to my Rolling Stone Top 500 list, soon; I have one more to listen to before the next post comes out.  So settle down kiddies, patience is a virtue!

Just wanted to let everyone in on the dealio!

Until next time… Same blog channel at SOME blog time… Scorp out!!