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(Originally posted 8/15/11)

Salutations, all! SO… I said I wasn’t going to wait to update and it looks like I failed that. BUT! I feel I have good reason this time, however, my excuses are gone now, too. Let’s talk about it, shall we!?

I have talked about this school thing for three years now. THREE years! Well, I FINALLY have finished my Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Kaplan University Online – or, how I like to say, I have my BS in BS! 🙂 Started in August of 2008 and now in August 2011, I have finished. It was grueling at times, I will say. Other times, not so bad. This last term: my capstone and one other humanities class, has been a ball. My Capstone project is something I’ve been working on for the last 10 weeks and finally turned it in. Hopefully, one day the procedures I put in there will come to fruition. I’ll not discuss any of that because it’s a) a secret, 2)no relevant right now and III) none of your beeswax! I’m kidding on that last part, yo. Anywhat! I’m kind of at a loss right now. I can’t figure out what to do next. I feel I want to continue my “learnin'” but don’t know, just yet. Oh well, the student loans don’t kick in for another 6 months, maybe I’ll figure it out then, lol.

Well, speaking of school, you’ll remember that my sweet BCPF has been looking for a teaching job and she found one! She is going to be a first-year, fourth grade teacher at the same school that 3B goes to, and yes, he is going to be in the 4th grade and, no, he will not be in her class. She’s excited, a bit scared and will do awesome. Why do I know this? Well, other than the fact that I know everything, she is just that amazing. She rocks and rolls, everything she does and I know that this team that we have can accomplish anything, especially when she’s the strong one on the team! So to say I’m proud of her… can we say understatement!!!

Now, let’s focus a bit on something I talked about last time: the trip to “The World.” That’s Walt Disney World for you non-cool, non-geeks out there. I scheduled our trip, sans 3B this time, for the celebration of me finishing my degree, I mean after all, you don’t graduate from higher learning every day, right? Anywhat! So, BCPF and I got up and went soaring through the big blue sky via the ATL to get to a magic bus to take us to WDW. That first day was absolutely perfect (minus the heat).

We checked in at The Wilderness Lodge and it was as beautiful as ever. Took a boat to Magic Kingdom (don’t put the “the” in there) and had lunch at Casey’s Corner, which means some of the dangedest hot dogs you’ll ever put in your gullet. MMmmmmm. I proceeded to show her why this is my favorite place ever, with details like “Swiss Family Robinson’s Treehouse” and then the “Jungle Cruise.” Of course, we went to “Pirates of the Caribbean” next. Lovely (and cool; both in coolness and temperature)!!! A stop at the Hall of Presidents to see the new changes and then made our way to Epcot (my favorite park) via the monorail.

That meant we stopped at “Spaceship Earth” and I must say, as much as I love Dame Judi Dench, I do not like her doing the voice for SE. I liked Jeremy Irons much, much better. The new platform is a bit weird, too. Doesn’t seem to fit really. I think it was rushed, but don’t let that deter you from the story at hand. Then we made our way through a few exhibits to pass some time. Oh! “Living with the Land,” “Journey into Imagination” and “Captain EO” were on ticket. “EO” was there when I was there in ’89. “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” was better I think. More involved, but with MJ’s passing a few years ago, they had to pay tribute, I get it. So we finish those and make our way to World Showcase, which is the place I want to spend all my time when I’m there. Rode the boat ride that took the place of “El Rio del Tiempo” in the Mexico Pavilion (boo, the old was better). Rode the awesome “Maelstrom” in Norway Pavilion and then watched the “Reflections of China” film in China Pavilion. Time for dinner! Tutto Italia took the place of L’Original Alfredo’s Ristorante last year and it wasn’t the same but still, I’m eating with the BCPF, nothing was bad. After dinner we walked the promenade a bit and headed for Disney’s Beach and Yacht Clubs’ marina where we caught a boat tour.

This tour took us through the lagoon that connects the “Clubs” with Disney’s Boardwalk Inn then on to Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin, two oddly themed hotels that aren’t part of Disney but have some of the perks. From there we learned trivia about the waterway to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios). Once that was finished it was time for the coup de grace, which was sitting the boat in The World Showcase Lagoon for Illuminations, the nightly fireworks extravaganza. The tour guide said they spend $55,000 a night on this fireworks show. WHEW!!

We tethered up to the other 4 tours for that evening and watched the fireworks from the water they were shot from. That was exciting. BCPF mentioned how the day had been perfect right before the show and the show was almost the perfect finish. I say almost because I saved the best for last. As the announcer started his “Thank you for…” I told her that there was only one thing that could make the day more perfect. I proceeded to drop to my knee and asked this beautiful woman to marry me. She welled up and finally said yes as I stood in the boat and yelled to the top of my lungs that “she said yes!!!!!!!!” So the trip was more than just a celebration of my finishing school, it was to celebrate her, as well. Dang! I love that woman! (here’s a pic of the ring)

Lastly, I want to discuss The Less Desirables. The show has grown substantially since we last talked. We’ve had our first live session of musicians, now have wine gurus and the list in only growing. This past Saturday, Aug 13, my esteemed colleague and co-host, Brian Attridge along with The Official Beer Guru attended the Twin City Taps First Annual Beer Festival and tasted a lot of great NC beer and made a lot of good contacts. It was delicious and wonderful and hopefully we’ll have a few great things come from it. Stand by!


Well, the title was more than just an homage to one of my favorite Disney films (Aladdin), but also a brief description for the direction my personal life is going and I really couldn’t be happier. I’m healthy, I have a great son to my right and now I officially have the most wonderful woman in the world by my left and it truly is a Whole New World!

Until next time… Same blog place at SOME blog time…  Scorp out!