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So in searching for something to write in this blog (I never think my life is exciting enough to talk about), someone (Paul Jones III) suggested that maybe I could blog about my latest personal enhancement endeavor.  So why not!?

As I’ve mentioned before, I did the 1997 list as well as the 2007 list of the AFI’s Top 100 Movies of All Time.  Not only that, but I’m only 54 films away from seeing all FOUR HUNDRED (400) of the nominations that went into get the top 100.  So being I’ve been a lover of music – some would debate that (*cough*Ed Bumgardner*cough*) at times – all my life, and after watching my friend, Doug Davis, talk about it, I decided to take on the Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums of All Time.

Why would I do this?  Well, the aforementioned Messieurs Bumgardner and Davis and I have had many discussions about music over the past few years.  I say conversations when in all actuality they are usually Doug posing a question and me spewing forth some erroneous (and sometime deliberate) baloney that maybe I do or don’t know anything about and Ed then reprimanding me (read: ripping me a new one).  OR as another friend, Mitchell Snow, told me yesterday… “you make a habit of joyfully taking a dump on my Pantheon.”  And I emphasized joyfully.

Anywhat… back to the why.  After being EDucated over the years, I felt this list was SOMEONE’s attempt at a best of list and since my men crushes (yeah I said it) are talking about it, I could probably learn something from this list.  I’m going in with as open a mind as I can have; what Ed calls “feeling, not listening.” I want to discover things that I wouldn’t know existed or things that I have overlooked for whatever reason. I want to see what the big deal is about.

I started this thingy on Halloween, 2013.  I write this on Friday, November 8.  I know this is going to be a long, sometimes arduous, journey.  It will take time and I’m trying to launch into the next as soon as I can while not forgetting to “chew my food” or absorb what it is I’ve just finished listening to.  I have just finished #492, Touch from Eurythmics.  I’m not going to give an account of everything that I listen to, but I will try to blog about certain ones as we go.  I’ll catch you up at least on what’s happened so far and if there is anything I need to talk about that I haven’t talked about on my Facebook page.  Let’s start here:

#500 – Outkast, Aquemini; #499 – B.B. King, Live at Cook County Jail; #498 – The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses; #497 – The White Stripes, White Blood Cells… stop.  The White Stripes I’ve never been a huge fan of outside of the innovation it seems that Jack makes with his “I don’t care” approach (I know he does) to songwriting.  This was the first on the list that I will say that I “enjoyed” to the point of making a note about it.  Outkast, B.B. just didn’t move me, but weren’t horrible.  Stone Roses had its moments, but nothing that I want to elaborate on.

#496 – Boz Scaggs, Boz Scaggs; #495 – Bonnie Raitt, Give It Up; #494 – MGMT, Oracular Spectacular… STOP!  Holy Moley!  This was the first album on the list that left my mouth and eyes competing as to which could be wider.  I love electronic music and this was a beautiful thing to behold.  A true OM(enter entity/deity here) moment for me!  You can look at the Facebook archives for my review, but it was delicious!

#493 – Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot  Not a bad album, I’ve heard it before and it’s a fave of BCPF.  I’ll always have a place in my heart for “Heavy Metal Drummer” and not just because the Mediocre Bad Guys do it.  It was on a mixtape made by my sweetie before we were even dating.  “Jesus, Etc.,” “I am Trying to Break Your Heart,” and especially “Poor Places” were all great additions as well.
#492 – Eurythmics, Touch  This is a pure delight to listen to and I’ve only heard a few songs as I’m writing this.  I love Annie Lennox, though, so I’d probably love it anyway, I just never had the pleasure of doing it. **And now I’ve listened through it.  This was a great album.  Great rhythms (hence the name), great textures and layers, and Annie’s voice is amazing; such power.  Great quality song writing.  Chilling at times, to tell the truth.  This, along with MGMT have been the true highlights so far with me.
I’ll write more reviews as the list winds down.

My bestest buddy, Eugene B Sims asked me the other day, “What the hell is with you and these lists!?!?”  I truly didn’t have a real answer but I thought about it today and I have that answer, but I must preface it with this…

My fiancee, the BCPF, is a list maker and doer, as well.  She fancies the Top 100 of Some Old Scholars That Made Lists (I’m making that up) and all kinds of things about books.  “Booksbooksbooksbooks I love books. Booksbooksbooksbooksbooks….”  She has a coffee can with slips of paper in which the most famous (and some not famous but equally as important) and she picks randomly. She said it best when she said: “there is so much out there to read and if I left it to my own devices, I may never read some of the best books ever written.”

So I say in the same vein that there are many movies and much music that I know I miss out on and some I don’t know I’m missing.  When I am left to my own devices, I’ll pick the same stuff over and over again and be prejudiced towards the things that I only believe to be what I don’t like.  These lists (especially AFI’s) are compiled by industry people and “experts” at least to the point of some importance, even in their own minds (that was for Rolling Stone).  There are other lists that I will take up in these areas, too, as I get time.  Point of fact, my friend Keith Wilson just emailed me the 2003 list so I’ll have to match them up. 🙂   A side note… when I went through my heart surgery last year, my sweetie bought me the actual magazine with this list in it.  Thank you, Baby!

Bare with me as I make this journey (and continue my movie one).  This may be the fodder I need for the spewing forth I bring to the teeming masses.

Until next time, same blog channel at SOME blog time…  Scorp out!