Snowing Spinning Sunday or: The Haul 12/8/18


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As I had stated on social media in places, our trip to Asheville was canceled because of the impending Snowpocalypse, so we did get to Underdog Records after all. We started the morning at our favorite creperie and shared a meal with our The Beer Dads cohorts. It was a great morning. We did our grocery shopping which we usually reserve for Sunday but if you look out the door today, you’ll see we’re not going anywhere. But, then we got to Underdog and here’s the haul:

  • The Struts – Young & Dangerous — I have heard of these guys but haven’t listened to anything they’ve put out until this week. When I do the commercials for Underdog on The Less Desirables, I try to include pieces of music that are relevant to the new releases. This was one of those. It’s a great rock record. New.
  • Bauhaus – Best Of Bauhaus | Crackle — The BCPF is a huge fan of this band and its subsequent offerings like Peter Murphy solo and Love and Rockets. So, this was a given. It was also a new release and bam! We nailed it. New.
  • Marvin Gaye – Live At The London Palladium — Recorded late in 1976 and released in early 1977, this is an energetic show with a lively crowd. I think he may have been a little drunk or stoned while doing it, but that’s just my opinion. He was a flirt, that’s for sure. Not the best live album but it is a very good one. VG+.
  • Van Morrison – Wavelength — As I stated on my social media post about this, the only problem I really have with Van Morrison is it’s like he’s yelling at me when I listen. But, this has some great tunes on it, nonetheless. It was a departure from his previous releases as it was more guitar and synth driven. The song “Kingdom Hall” was about his mother being a practicing Jehovah’s Witness and attending “church” which “Kingdom Hall” is what JWs call their churches. VG++.
  • Joe Jackson – I’m The Man — Last week (or the week before, one of the two) I talked about Jackson’s debut album that we had just picked up and this is the follow-up and it’s a great sophomore effort, too. I performed the final track “Friday” with the Vagabond Saints Society several years back, closing the show. VG+.
  • Tchaikowsky / Mendelssohn – David OistrakhBolshoi Theatre OrchestraSamuel SamosudNational Philharmonic Orchestra of the U.S.S.R.Kiril Kondrashin – Violin Concerto In D Major – Violin Concerto In E Minor — That may be the longest Discogs album title I’ve ever put in one of these posts. It’s classical and The BCPF has gone on a kick as of late. Not a bad thing. VG+.
  • Eric Clapton – Slowhand — I actually got this last week but upon playing it, I needed to return it to Jonathan because it skipped all the way through “Cocaine.” He washed it and vacuumed it dry at the shop and it played with no skips. I got it home and it skipped a few times but that was the only place. I don’t know why it did on my system and not his, but oh well. It #325 on the RS list. I’m fine with that placement, too. It doesn’t need to be higher or lower. It’s fine. VG+ (minus the skip).

The weather kept the early part of the day quiet for Underdog Records but as we were there, people were starting to pile in, so yay for Jonathan’s peace of mind! And, we have our vinyl to keep us company in the bedlam that is winter outside. You should have gone to get yours. You know, Christmas is coming and you know you want to start collecting and playing vinyl, right? Yes, you do. So, tell your loved ones that you want a new (or used) turntable for Christmas. And, heck, why not grab a gift certificate (or in this case a gift 45) for you, as well? You have to have something to play on it, right? Listen to this week’s episode of The Less Desirables (well, listen every week) to hear what the special TLD/UDR deal is.

The schools have already canceled thinking they’ll be back by Wednesday but they won’t. This much snow, later turning to ice, will be a week at least. So, if you go out, be careful. Oh, and I use Discogs to catalog my vinyl!!

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Lazy Gilly was a flower child all the summer. Calmly running wild. She’d be silly and her friends just smiled. Pass the bottle, wash the pills down, what went wrong? What went wrong? She don’t care no more. She don’t need to fight it. She don’t care no more. She gets paid on Friday.” – “Friday” (Jackson)

Sounds Like Saturday or: 2000 Man


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With today being the 51st anniversary of Their Satanic Majesties Request by the Rolling Stones, I had to play this and it’s probably a bit cliche by now, or predictable on my part, but here it is, anyway. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Oh, daddy, proud of your planet. Oh, mommy. proud of your sun. Oh, daddy, your brain’s still flashin’ like they did when you were young. Or did they come down crashin’ seeing all the things you’d done? Spacin’ out and havin’ fun?” – “2000 Man” (Jagger/Richards)

To Not Go or: Asheville Down


We (The BCPF and I) were supposed to go to Asheville today with the rest of our The Beer Dads family. But, inclement weather, or the potential thereof, kept us from going up.

We didn’t go and while that is bad, we still got together to have a good time!47572349_10204884492749090_189595863788552192_n

This is the result!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“And finally Winter, with its bitin’, whinin’ wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow.” – Roy Bean

Ouch! or: Tennis Anyone?


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©Gray’s Anatomy

When I MCed Pride back in October, I was helping some pals lift a speaker cabinet to adjust a stand and when I did, somehow I injured a tendon. I didn’t think anything of it until the next day. Then, I figured it was just that sore muscle thing when you exert energy to some extremity and it’s just muscles mending and goes away after a few days. This didn’t go away.

So, it’s been almost two months. I asked my doctor about it and he said he thought it was tendonitis. I gave it a little more time and my doc sent me to an orthopedist. They said it’s “Tennis Elbow.” And, you know me, Dear Reader, I play soooo much tennis.

According to Wikipedia: Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and tender. The pain may also extend into the back of the forearm and grip strength may be weak. 

That has been the hardest part of this. I have a hard time gripping anything with any firmness. The worst part is a) I shake a lot of hands and b) I lift a lot of pint glasses. Both are incredibly difficult. So, for the next little bit, I’ll have to do more fist bumps and well, I’ll still be drinking from pint glasses and my left hand has no gripping problems.

So, as I said in my Instagram post yesterday, if you see me and I don’t shake your hand, don’t worry. I still like you. I just can’t shake too well. I’d still welcome you buying me a “pint,” though.

Until tomorrow, fist bumps…
Scorp out!

“Exercise has its hazards. Runners are sidelined by shinsplints, freestylists by swimmer’s ear, and who hasn’t heard of tennis elbow? But the fitness buff of the ’90s has a far greater worry. StairMaster Butt.” – Jake Tapper

The Giving Time or: Tree of Hope


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Every year, Finnigan’s Wake does its giving tree. Here’s what it’s all about (from the Facebook Page of Fin’s):46496150_10156792885618029_5727483200117145600_n

It’s the time to show your community love again at Finnigan’s Wake. And get a treat for yourself in return!
What you do: 
Come by Friday, November 23- Friday, December 7, and take an ornament (or multiple) from our Giving Tree. Bring back your new, unwrapped gifts with the ornament attached to the pub on Saturday, December 8. Don’t like shopping? Pick an ornament, give us the monetary equivalent and we’ll do the shopping for you!

To thank you for your generosity, for every ornament with gift you return you’ll get a coupon for one free menu item to be enjoyed Saturday, December 8 between 11am and 6pm, because we believe it’s good to give and to receive!

The generosity of this community tree has continued to impress the charities we help, bring tears to some eyes and change the lives of total strangers you will never meet. Together we can make all the holiday wishes on our tree become a reality. Here’s who you’re helping this year:

Next Step Ministries – A Safe Haven from Domestic Violence
A domestic violence agency with a proud 20-year history of serving Kernersville and the Forsyth County community. They operate a safe house for victims of domestic violence and their families and assist those in transition with employment, housing, and legal referrals. Your gifts will be used at the safe house.

Mental Health Association of Forsyth County
The Mental Health Association promotes mental health acceptance and support to all persons in our community through advocacy, outreach, education, and support services. Gifts will go to people in local hospitals receiving help for a mental illness as well as permanent clients of the association. Travel sized items are used to fill gift baskets, larger gifts are wrapped as special treats.

Family in Need from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System
A family of two adults and 3 children, ages 6, 8 and 15. They were nominated by the school nurse and social worker who described them as “so deserving and grateful for anything”. You will be helping them with both basic necessities and some surprises to turn a difficult time into a happy memory.

Generally, we do something for the Mental Health Association of Forsyth County because The BCPF used to be on the board for that particular charity. Do something nice for someone in need.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The Mental Health Association in Forsyth County is a non-profit, non-governmental agency that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons affected by mental illness through advocacy, education, and support services.” – Mental Health Association of Forsyth County

Piggybacking a Day Late or: Better Nate than Lever


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Yesterday, as I said on my post from last night, we had some internet problems but Nate from X1 Communications was able to get us up and running later in the day. Today, I was able to post The Man Who Ate the Town and the first Fan Interference in almost two months. Faninterference

For TMWATT, Ray and I talked about Quanto Basta and Campus Gas. For Fan Interference we spent a long time talking with Intern Haley McFadden about the Kareem Hunt situation, and of course, TC had to go off on his Redskins. I’m sure he’s not happy today after last night, either.

Anywhat! I, Ray and TC would greatly appreciate if you’d listen to our episodes. You can listen to TMWATT HERE and Fan Interference HERE.

Happy listening and thank you for it!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Classic Bites & Brews located right outside Wake Forest University” – Campus Gas

Down But Not Out or: Without the Net


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When I went into the studio today, the internet was down. Nate at X1 Communications figured that the main router was just unplugged as it wasn’t showing up internally. It was showing that the signal was getting to the building. I asked if it was located in the telecommunications room where most of the stuff like that was and they said yes. What they thought it was was an old server room on the other side of the building. But, I had to get the key to open the door to the communications room, then the other room had a keycode lock and we had to figure that code out (by calling the building owner).

It turns out that someone over the weekend tore all the stuff out of that old server room because it was (mostly) just that, old. The router wasn’t old, but they didn’t know that. Plus, the whole cable system was removed (or eliminated). I don’t think anyone was at fault, but it happened. Well, what I do is an internet-based business and without it, it was hard to do work.

We did Fan Interference without the intro (although I haven’t loaded that, yet) or any sound effects because I couldn’t get to the internet. We recorded The Man Who Ate the Town, but as I was without the internet, I couldn’t upload it to the server, so it will be a day late, tomorrow. We recorded The Beer Dads tonight and finally was able to put stuff on the ‘net. It worked. But, I’m thrown behind. Again, this is no one’s fault. Just a lot of inconvenience and miscommunication. So, The Beer Dads got up and the others will tomorrow.

But the point I wanted to make was that I knew but didn’t know how reliant I have become to the internet. Without it today, it crippled my business and it crippled my ability to communicate with our listeners. That was rough. But, for now, it’s back up as we had to be a little creative (running a cable the length of the building to my wi-fi router). It was just rough, as I said. Thanks to Nate and Josh at X1 Communications for going above and beyond.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Technology is neutral; it depends on how it’s used.” – Rick Smolan

Spinning Sunday or: The Haul 12/1/18


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Our original plan for this week was thwarted when the Connells had to postpone their show in Durham due to a member of the band being in a car accident. So, we did the breakfast thing and then over to Underdog Records. It was a dreary morning but we brightened it up with rekkids! Here’s the haul!



  • Beastie Boys – Licensed To Ill — #219 on the RS list, I wanted to get this to show 3B that not all rap is this mess they call rap these days or cRap as I call it. Sometimes you gotta fight for your right to better music. New.
  • Suicidal Tendencies – Lights… Camera… Revolution — I used to listen to this when my friend Danny (Daniel now) and I used to cruise Stratford. “Lovely” and “Send Me Your Money” was the two best on the album and they still are. Robert Trujillo who is now the bassist for Metallica was the bassist for ST in the day. I saw them open for Queensryche on the “Building Empires” tour, too. They were one of the first rapping metal bands that I remember. New on transparent green vinyl.
  • The Mountain Goats – All Hail West Texas — This is one of those bands that The BCPF loves. This was the sixth “studio” album by the “band.” Up to and including this the albums had been recorded on a Panasonic boombox and it was only John Darnielle writing, recording and playing the songs. It’s a concept album that the cover even says, “fourteen songs about seven people, two houses, a motorcycle, and a locked treatment facility for adolescent boys.” You can hear the wheel gears on the boombox whirling the whole time. It’s very lo-fi and I didn’t really care for it, but it wasn’t for me anyway. New.
  • The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat — Once again, I will never understand the appeal of the Velvet Underground. Not the songs. The songs have some substance but the total disregard of sonic sense in the recordings of this album is raking on the nerves of people that enjoy real music. This is #293 on the RS list and I think that is asinine. It should be in the #1 spot for worst thing ever. This is worse than The Velvet Underground + Nico album and that’s saying something. VG++ but how would you know?
  • The Allman Brothers Band – The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East — The good news is I was able to add a few from the RS list. The bad news is that I don’t really like two of them. This was is #49 on that list which, again, I just don’t get. I stirred a bit debate on Facebook with the post about this album. I get so tired of extended jamming and endless crapola solos. I agree the guitar tones were fantastic and Gregg’s voice was on point, but if it were just songs of normal lengths, I’d have been quite fine with this, but it goes on and on and on forever. I mean the whole Side 4 is a 22-minute version of “Whipping Post.” I like that song but it was just a bunch of showing off. I didn’t care when I first heard it and I still don’t. But, it’s part of my collection and one off the list. VG+.
  • HandelLeonard BernsteinThe New York PhilharmonicThe Westminster Choir – Messiah — Christmas is coming, right? Leonard Bernstein, right? Yeah. 2xLP set. VG+.
  • Serkin / Beethoven – Three Favorite Sonatas — The “Moonlight Sonata,” “Pathétique” and “Appassionata” are the three and they are doing beautifully by Rudolf Serkin. This was NM and not a single pop and crackle was heard.
  • Bonnie Raitt – Takin’ My Time — I never really cared about Bonnie Raitt but the last few things I’ve listened to, I really liked from her. On this album, there are a few songs that she channels her inner Etta James and you can’t go wrong with that. Others she’s like Carole King. This is a great album. VG+.
  • Prokofiev – The Philadelphia OrchestraEugene Ormandy– Classical Symphony, The Love For Three Oranges Suite, Lieutenant Kijé Suite — A $1 bin find, it seems like yesterday was a good classical day for The BCPF and me. Yay us. Even though it was a $1 bin find, it is in VG+ shape.

We got a lot of it listened to yesterday. It was a good day, even with two (necessary) clunkers. Jonathan was bouncing around the store and joking around, so he has gotten over the Record Store Day weekend. He’s gearing up for a good holiday season and you should tell your loved ones that you want a gift certificate to Underdog Records for your Christmas gift. You can use it for anything in the store. You’ll get it on a 45 7″, too. Listen to The Less Desirables each week to hear the TLD/UDR special of the week.

Discogs is the way I keep track of what my collection looks like. Also, I can purchase from other sellers the things that Jonathan may not be able to get.

Until tomorrow, keep spinnin’!
Scorp out!

“White light, White light goin’ messin’ up my mind. White light, and don’t you know its gonna make me go blind. White heat, aww white heat it tickle me down to my toes. White light, Oh have mercy white light have it goodness knows.” – “White Light/White Heat” (Reed)

Sounds Like Saturday or: Thriller


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Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, an album that until this year has held the #1 album in terms of sales since right after it was released (it was surpassed by The Eagles’ Greatest Hits). So, I think one of the most iconic things about this album was his performance for the Motown 25th Anniversary show. The world was introduced to the moonwalk, but really, that was a mere second and a half. The whole routine was pretty awesome. Yes, he was lipsyncing but he made it look good. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“For forty days and forty nights, the law was on her side. But who can stand when she’s in demand, her schemes and plans. ‘Cause we danced on the floor in the round. So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice. She told my baby we’d danced till three, then she looked at me. Then showed a photo. My baby cried. His eyes were like mine (oh, no!). ‘Cause we danced on the floor in the round, baby.” – “Billie Jean” (Jackson)

Smashin’ Thrashin’ the Millenial Box or: Many Kisses


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Finishing out the month of November with KISS things, we have three more anniversaries this month.



First, what is, to me, the better of the two original US-based greatest hits KISS albums, Smashes Thrashes & Hits. I don’t know why they used this title as I think it’s kind of silly, but I liked the album itself. November 15 was the THIRTIETH anniversary of that album. THIRTY! Wow.

There are several things to note about this album, though.

One, it has two original songs written and recorded for this comp. I believe they may have been written for Crazy Nights but just didn’t make it on. I also think that those two songs sound more like Hot in the Shade material than they do Crazy Nights and it came out between the two.

Both songs are dripping with sex. Extra sex. I mean, the songs’ titles are “Let’s Put the ‘X’ in Sex” and “(You Make Me) Rock Hard.” I think that Paul was trying too hard, actually. Well, him and his writing partners. Both were co-written with frequent writing partner Desmond Child and “(You Make Me) Rock Hard” was co-written by Diane Warren. The second isn’t as obvious but the double entendre is “hard” to miss. Both had videos and both were pretty cheesy. But, I listen to them.

Another thing, with the exception of “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” all the makeup songs (which were most of the album) were all remixes. Eric Carr recorded his version of “Beth” which I thought was a much better version. Another notable change was with “Love Gun” where they sang the outro chorus over what would normally be the solo spot. The solo spot still happened just under the vocals.

One more thing, there was nothing from Crazy Nights even though that was the most recent album. All the non-makeup albums and including Creatures of the Night were represented except Crazy. The UK version did have “Reason to Live” and “Crazy, Crazy Nights” but not the US version. The UK also didn’t have “Deuce.”

I wore the cassette and CD out of this album. The cover had Gene and Bruce looking kind of cool to the right while Eric was playing a little side-shy-peek-a-boo and Paul doing some weird jazz hands thing. They were surrounded by a bunch of reaching arms, I suppose of fans. It was billed as “15 Years of KISStory.” Overall, I really like the album. I had grown weary of Double Platinum and this included more than the first six studio albums. If you’re not a KISS fan or just wonder what I get out of it? This is a decent representation. More things came after this. Speaking of which…

Last Tuesday, November 20, which happens to be my birthday, was the 17th anniversary of the KISS Box Set. Now, I have mixed feelings about this album. I have the cool “box set” that is in the mini guitar case with five CDs. There’s also a 120-page booklet that has “commentary” and liner notes from Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul. There are a good bit of unreleased songs and demos.

Now, what I have a problem with is there should have been a lot more demos and unreleased songs. They remixed and remastered the Wicked Lester album, or at least they did three of the songs. I was hoping to hear the whole thing remastered. I had only heard a muddy mix of a dubbed tape of a dubbed tape of a dubbed tape of about 20 generations. I know that Gene and Paul didn’t write but a small handful of the songs, but I think they could have secured rights.

Plus, I think there should have been a better representation of all the albums to that point. In some shape or form, the entire debut album is represented on here (minus the cover of “Kissin’ Time”). Five songs are represented from Hotter Than Hell including demos. Four from Dressed to Kill, and then, and then, and then.

I have never known KISS to worry about how much something costs. I think they could have done two boxes. One just the demos, unreleased and rarities, the other more complete albums. Maybe that’s not feasible. Maybe it’s overkill. I just wish I had more of the stuff I’ve not heard my entire life over the stuff that I have. I know they have to assume that people who aren’t KISS fans will buy it and they need to give them the substance. But, again, make that a separate thing. Give us more of that. Give me more of that.

What is included? As I said, parts of the Wicked Lester unreleased album; “Stop, Look to Listen,” a 1966 demo by Paul; “Leeta” a 1969 demo by Gene; a six-minute live performance from 1973 of “Acrobat” which in part became “Love Theme from KISS”; the original studio demos that got KISS their record deal; “Doncha Hesitate” and “Mad Dog” both unreleased demos from the Destroyer sessions; the demo of “God of Thunder”; “Bad, Bad Lovin'” which became “Calling Dr. Love”; “I Want You” from a 1977 soundcheck; “Love Is Blind” an unreleased demo from the Love Gun sessions; a demo version of “Radioactive” from Gene’s solo album (each member has one solo album song); “You’re All That I Want, You’re All That I Need” a demo recorded in 1977 that would eventually become “You’re All That I Want” on Unmasked; ” Talk to Me” live in 1980;  an unreleased demo of Paul’s “Time Traveler” from the Crazy Nights sessions; “Ain’t That Peculiar” Eric demo that became “Little Caesar”; the demo of “Domino”; “Childhood’s End” with the special coda – previously unreleased; a previously unreleased demo of “It’s My Life” from the Psycho Circus sessions, which sounds like something that would come later on Sonic Boom or Monster.

So, really that is a lot of cool things, but with the vault they must have, can you imagine what this could have been? Now, also I recognize that with the “End of the Road” tour coming up and their impending retirement of the band, that there will be opportunities for more box sets. This was a great start, but I think it could have been much better.

And, then the last thing (or two last things) I’ll talk about for November is another box set of sorts. It’s KISS Alive! 1975-2000. This includes the same day release of Alive! The Millennium Concert, a show that was recorded on New Years Eve 1999 but not released until 2006 on November 21. The box set contained Alive, Alive II, Alive III and the Millennium Concert. I haven’t heard the last so I can’t really comment on it. But, it is from 1999 before Paul’s voice was completely shot. There’s really nothing that stands out to me about it. It was supposed to be Alive IV but that got shelved and we ended up with KISS Symphony: Alive IV. It’s okay.

So, happy anniversaries to each of the releases I talked about. This is all of the releases for the year. There were no KISS album releases in December, as of yet. So, I hope you enjoyed the KISS albums that I have touched on. I think it’s all true to the best of my knowledge.

Until tomorrow, keep KISSin’!
Scorp out!

“Kiss is a Fourth of July fireworks show with a backbeat.” – Gene Simmons