That Time of Year or: The Big Project


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Here we are, again, Dear Reader. We’re in the middle of February and that means that I’m working on the “big project” for the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership. This is their 2018 Excellence Awards (yes 2018, because it’s for the accomplishments in 2018). 51735369_2357390400947372_6806129601891270656_n

What does that mean for you? Well, it is more about what it means for me. I will be working a lot of my free time over the next few days (possibly into next week) getting the video presentations done for the DWSP. So, a lot of my writings will probably be scaled down or very scarce over those days. It should all be back to normal the middle of next week.

So, I am asking you for patience and understanding. None of the podcasts are going to miss. In fact, if all goes well, this week will have a full complement of TLD Network shows. Keep an eye on the Network website for more info.

Until tomorrow, stay classy…
Scorp out!

“Welcome to the 2018 Excellence Awards!” – Me

The Century Mark or: Piggybackin’ at 100


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Today, Ray and I recorded the 100th episode of The Man Who Ate the Town. I want to thank The BCPF, Kelly Bone, Tim Johnson and the guests that we’ve had on the show these 100 episodes. I’ve had a ball doing them all with you.100_6011498_lrg.jpg

Today, we had Brantley Norris on the show. Brantley is the GM at the upcoming Yamas Mediterranean Street Food restaurant on Fourth Street. It was a great visit with him and we talked about a couple of new openings and I reviewed my Uncle Buzzy’s experience. Fun show!

Also, we published the latest The Beer Dads episode and the Dads talk about the Super Bore that we had earlier this month. And, we had good beer.

To listen to Episode 100 of TMWATT, click HERE.
To listen to The Beer Dads, click HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Yamas means ‘to your health’ or ‘cheers’ in Greek!” – Brantley Norris

Spinning Sunday or: The Haul 2/16/19


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It was a chilly, wet and murky day yesterday. But, The BCPF and I had each other, good breakfast and, yes, records. Jonathan did a little bit of moving around in Underdog Records, but the records are still the same. I love records. Here’s the haul:



  • Blossom Dearie – Simply Volume VI — I love Blossom Dearie. This was available and I couldn’t pass it up. She had such a sweet voice, but you could tell she had a naughty side, too. VG++.
  • The Moody Blues – Go Now – The Moody Blues #1 — The debut album by Moody Blues and features (for the only time) future Wings guitarist, Denny Laine. In the UK this was called The Magnificent Moodies. I don’t know why they released it differently here, but they did. Also, the US version has three song titles either misspelled or incorrectly labeled. Way to go ‘Merica. Way to go. VG+.
  • The Moody Blues – To Our Children’s Children’s Children — The first album released on the band’s own label, Threshold Records. It was named such after the previous album On the Threshold of a Dream which was inspired by the moon landing. This is the band’s fifth album overall and while none of its singles did well, the album sold pretty well. VG.
  • Warren Zevon – Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School — Classic Zevon song style. I dug it. Plus, it has just about the whole Eagles family as guest musicians: Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Jackson Browne (wrote songs with the Eagles), JD Souther (ditto), Linda Ronstadt (The Eagles were her backing band at one time), and Joe Walsh. He only needed Randy Meisner or Timothy B Schmidt on bass and he’d had them all. But, he had Leland Sklar and when you have Sklar on bass, you don’t need any other bassists. Good album. VG+.
  • Judy Garland – The Very Best Of Judy Garland — VG+.
  • The Trammps – Disco Inferno — The Trammps were a large band. Something about that era with Earth, Wind & Fire as well as others and this band. I do like disco and I do like the title track. We’ll see how I like the rest of it. VG+ (cover is VG as it has a chunk out of the upper right corner).
  • Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story — The title track, “Maggie May,” “Reason to Believe” and “(I Know) I’m Losing You” were the hits from the album which featured Ronnie Wood. VG.
  • Edith Bauer-Slais With The Vienna Chamber Ensemble And Kurt Equiluz – The Virtuoso Classical Mandolin — The BCPF has a mad on about banjos and mandolins. She found this in a box. It was $1 but is in very good shape. VG++.
  • Michel Legrand And His Orchestra – The Columbia Album Of Cole Porter — She also has a thing for Cole Porter. 2xLP $1 bin find. VG+.
  • Level 42 – Running In The Family — This is the follow up to World Machine which had the mega-hit “Something About You.” This album did have a few singles that did well in the UK: “Lessons in Love,” the title track, “To Be with You Again,” “It’s Over” and “Children Say” were all hits for the band. $1 bin find and the record looks to be at least VG but the cover has some serious wear which looks like it could be water damage. Not sure.
  • Divinyls – Desperate — “Boys in Town,” “Science Fiction” and “Siren (Never Let You Go)” were the singles. $1 bin find. VG.

Underdog Records puts out freshly acquired used albums nearly every day. That’s the place I look first. I want to see what treasures Jonathan has just gotten. The BCPF looks through those, too and then goes for the $1 bins. We usually come away with good stuff. If you watch the Instagram and Facebook pages of Underdog Records, you’ll get a preview of what you’ll find in the freshly acquired used section. And, if you listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables, you can hear what that week’s (Thursday-Wednesday) TLD/UR special of the week is.

And, someone was in the store yesterday using Discogs. We had a cool discussion about it. They, like me, were checking to see if they had something already. It’s a good service.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Wake up Maggie I think I got something to say to you. It’s late September and I really should be back at school. I know I keep you amused but I feel I’m being used. Oh, Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more. You lured me away from home just to save you from being alone. You stole my heart and that’s what really hurt.” – “Maggie May” (Stewart/Quittenton)

Sounds Like Saturday or: Mike Massé


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Today is the 31st anniversary of The Church’s Starfish album and its most famous tune is done here by the amazing Mike Massé. I never pass up an opportunity to expose Mr. Massé to my friends. Anything he does is always a good version of a song. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty, sound of their breath fades with the light. I think about the loveless fascination. Under the Milky Way tonight.” – “Under the Milky Way” (Kilbey/Jansson)

A Ton of Fun or: Buzzybackin’


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On Wednesday, I was invited to attend a food blogger event at Uncle Buzzy’s in WSNC. Today, over on The Man Who Ate the Town, I wrote about it. It was a lot of food! It was a pretty long post, too, so it can stand as my post over here, too. You can read it HERE.

4 chix sand.jpg

The Fried Chicken Sandwich from Uncle Buzzy’s

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Pride in the Preparation is where it all begins.” – Uncle Buzzy’s

KISS Off! or: Are You Sirius?


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This will be brief but I just wanted to say that I found the absolute best SiriusXM channel, ever. It is called KISS Army Radio and it is 95% KISS and 5% their influences or bands that may have opened for them, like Rush, AC/DC, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc. kissarmyradio-v1-1117-1920x1080

I found it late last week and I haven’t turned the channel since. There are live performances, deep cuts, and more. Yes, I have to sit through 17 versions of “Rock and Roll All Nite” every three or four hours, but it’s worth it. Yes, I also have all of these songs and almost all of the versions on some kind of medium, but as I’ve always maintained, there’s nothing like hearing it on the radio.

Plus, you get some tidbits here and there from all four current members about many things throughout KISStory; the earliest and the latest.

This past Tuesday, they broadcast a special SiriusXM-guest-only concert at the Whiskey A Go Go. It is probably one of the smallest crowds they ever played to. Not because no one was there, but because the venue is small. Gene sounded great. The music all sounded great. Paul was there. I have nothing to say about that, I’m reserving judgment. Or voiced judgment, really.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that my love for KISS is fully realized with this channel. I love it.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Oh, oh, ’cause anytime is KISSin’ time, USA. So treat me right, don’t make me fight. And we’ll rock and roll tonight.” – “Kissin’ Time” (Lowe/Mann)

Catching a Buzzy or: a Long Day Through


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We recorded Fan Interference today and TC and HB interviewed Greg Dortch, a former All-ACC WR from Wake Forest who is attending the NFL Scouting Combine in a few weeks and hopes to be drafted. It was a cool interview.

WF Live

Sam (l) and Seth performing live on The Less Desirables

Then I ran down to Uncle Buzzy’s and attended a tasting especially for food bloggers. I ate myself stupid. I probably had around three pounds of food. That may or may not be the case, but it sure did feel like it. It was all so good, though. Look for a post about it in the next few days, over on The Man Who Ate the Town blog/podcast. Again, it was a lot of food.

Then we recorded The Less Desirables and we had Sam Foster and Seth Williams of the band Whiskey Foxtrot and they played three tunes on the podcast, live. I did Facebook Live teasers of the three songs. So you should go listen to them, as they’re pretty awesome tunes.

To hear the interview with Mr. Dortch, listen HERE. To hear the songs from Whiskey Foxtrot, listen HERE.

I’m done. Oh, the “posting movie” this week is 1984 starring John Hurt, Richard Burton and Suzanna Hamilton.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I need a wheel barrow.” – Me after Uncle Buzzy’s today.

It Slipped My Mind or: Party of 30ish


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I totally forgot to write a blog post about the party on Saturday. The party was the Post-Holiday/Anniversary Shindig at Finnigan’s Wake.


Special TLD menu from Finnigan’s Wake

Last Sunday was the ninth anniversary of The Less Desirables (as I wrote about) and I believe this was the ninth party. We have always had it at Finnigan’s and this year wasn’t different in the venue sense but it was in the actual logistics sense.

We’ve always gotten the whole back-side of the dining room for the party, this time, we had only 24 seats. I worried because we had a “deposit” for the room and if we didn’t have 24 folks then the deposit could have been lost. I worried all the day before and the day of about filling that. Then about halfway through the day, I thought, hey dumbarse, you only need 12 people with +1s to meet that quota. We had 30 people “confirmed” which almost always means “jack,” as inevitably, someone would either not be able to make it, get sick or something.

That made me feel better. When I got there and the room was set up like it was, I thought, well, surely we’ll just migrate to more seats as they come. That wasn’t to be the case. So, my worry went from not enough butts in the seats to not enough seats for the butts. I did have 10 people that showed up that couldn’t sit with us. I also had three people that waited and finally were seated around us.


One table of the motley crew…

Don’t hear any of this as complaining as I don’t feel that’s what I was doing, it was just the first year that I was concerned about the party, either too many or too little. I just wanted to mention that. The people who couldn’t stay went to the bar and came over a few times to give their congrats. It worked out fine.

So, I want to thank Finnigan’s Wake for accommodating us this year and commend them on handling our f’ed up situation with style and grace.

I want to thank Paul and Susan Jones, Mark and Janice Schmitz, Kandi Villano, Lori Noel, Melissa Curran, Paden and Stacy Verner, Amanda Hoey, Kent Allen, Beth Blair, Ray and Whitney Morgan, Flannery Holton, Josh and Cherie Schuminsky, John and Dawn McGee, Ed Dean, Dana Spector, Heather Scherer, Karli Dempski (I think I got that right), Phillip Oakley, Maura Marziano, Paul McManus, Bridey Fennell, Rory Sloane, Paul Kwiatkowski, Jim and Dana Moody, Kevin Cammer, Dale Cole, Shonna and Winter Whitley, Misty Burnette and most of all, The BCPF for being there and supporting what I’ve dreamed up over the last few years. I really appreciate it and it means soooooooooo much to me you were there.

Until next year, same podcast party…
Scorp out!

“All these people are here for you.” – The BCPF

Piggybifflin’ or: What the Heck is a Biffle?


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Today, on The Man Who Ate the Town podcast, Ray and I had Salem Kirby come into the studio to discuss her new business Salem’s Biffles.


©Salem’s Biffles

I know what you’re asking. What the heck is a biffle? Well, she gave us the definition. This is a creation of her own that is basically a waffle made out of the dough for biscuits.

These aren’t just plain, either. Some are savory and some sweet.

She is looking for an outlet for this endeavor. She is looking at several options on how to deliver these fantastic morsels to the public.

Our only complaint was that she didn’t bring her waffle iron and ingredients to make us some. We’ll certainly have more time with her and these treats soon.

You should really listen to the episode and learn more about these awesome creations. You can do that HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Southern deliciousness meets waffle iron whimsy” – Salem’s Biffles

Spinning Sunday or: The Haul 2/10/19


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The BCPF hasn’t been feeling well and it’s just another hit to our 2019 plans. Not her fault, of course, but we had wanted to start a big cleaning/purge project through this year to just get more organized. But, she’s not felt up to it because of all the crud going around. Plus, this will enable us to have more room for records!


©Warner Bros.

She was able to get out of the house for the first time in three days yesterday and that helped her out a lot. We got to go by Underdog Records and grab a haul and I signed up for the Curated by Underdog program because I’m interested in what Jonathan will put together for me. Anywhat! Here’s the haul:

  • XTC – Skylarking — Yes, I had this already but it was in really sad shape and while I don’t want to get into the rabbit hole of replacing things with better versions (as that can get expensive) there are a few that I just can’t not get better copies of. This was a brand new remastered reissue that was in the clearance bin. Again, new.
  • Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking — As someone put it on my Facebook post about this, this was the “Appetite for Destruction” for the alternative scene. The BCPF said that for her high school days, everyone had this. The heavy metal folk, the indie folk, the college radio folk, anyone who listened to anything remotely rocking, had this, she said. It was a little behind my time and it was the leading edge of what I didn’t like or want to hear. That being said, with time comes appreciation and I really do appreciate and yes, like, this album, now. And, it’s #312 on the RS list! New.
  • Roger Waters – The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking — I don’t know what my aversion to Roger Waters was, but when I was 20-21 or so, someone tried to get me to listen to this. I listened for about four minutes and ejected the tape. Nah said I. But, I like Pink Floyd. What is wrong with me? This is basically his extension of The Wall which is my favorite Floyd album. This is Radio KAOS are fantastic albums that I, regrettably, realized way too late. VG+.
  • Blossom Dearie – Blossom Time — Blossom Dearie. The first time I ever heard that name was when the Schoolhouse Rock nostalgic craze showed back up in the 90s and the internet allowed me to look up info. She sang “Figure Eight,” “Unpack Your Adjectives” and part of the “Mother Necessity” ensemble. She has a very unique child-like quality in her voice. But, I saw an album by her at Underdog a while back and it was expensive. Someone else posted on our “Now Spinning” group that they were playing her and they loved her. I had Alexa play her tunes and I listened for hours. I love her. This was a great find and I couldn’t pass it up. It’s an original from 1966 and is in VG+.
  • Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog — Now you’re messing with what? VG+.
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Tarkus — My recent ELP undertaking lately means when I see them, if I don’t have them, I get them. This is in VG++!
  • Hank Williams, Jr. – Hank Williams, Jr.’s Greatest Hits — I mean, why not? VG+.
  • Christine McVie – Christine McVie — This is a fantastic record. It’s her second solo effort released in 1984. Lindsay Buckingham (who just went through open-heart surgery and has damaged vocal cords) plays some guitar and sings some backup on the album. Mick Fleetwood shows up for a bit. Eric Clapton, too. And, Steve Winwood sings a duet with Christine and co-wrote another tune on the album. A great listen, this. VG++.
  • The Escape Club – Wild Wild West — What is a Saturday haul without some 80s cheese (my favorite)? I don’t know what anything past the title song sounds like, I guess I’ll find out soon. VG.
  • Mott The Hoople – The Hoople —”Roll Away the Stone” and “The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Should be all we need to know. It was a $1 bin find and is probably in VG.
  • Various – Arthur (The Album) — I liked the film and loved the soundtrack because I love cheesy yacht rock. There ya go. $1 bin find. VG+.

Also, we picked up a better copy of Bridge Over Troubled Water from Simon & Garfunkel. This was VG/VG- but it sure beats the F+/G- version we have.

So, yeah, back to the Curated by Underdog thing. According to the Underdog Records website, “This is a flexible subscription service with multiple options to best tailor it to your desires while still giving Underdog Records the flexibility to creatively influence your collection with albums we know you’ll enjoy.”

I decided to go with the “Novice Monthly Package” with a New/Used Mix. I’m really no novice, but the Expert package is $50 per month and I’m not quite ready to spend that, yet. The Novice package is $35 per month. You can choose to do it bi-monthly or quarterly, too. So, I will get two used and one new album that, combined, would add up to around $35 for the combo. I’m excited because as Jonathan said, my tastes are all over the place. I’m just ready to see what he puts together for me. You know I’m going to share it with you, Dear Reader!

In order to do this, he has to have access to my Discogs. Discogs, if you’re not familiar, is a free website on which you can catalog your collection, including specific pressings and the condition of your albums, in order to keep up with what you already have, what’s on your want list, what lesser grade albums in your collection need upgrading, and much more. (that last part was from Underdog’s website, thanks Jonathan).

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“I won’t believe in heaven and hell. No saints, no sinners, no devil as well. No pearly gates, no thorny crown. You’re always letting us humans down. The wars you bring, the babes you drown. Those lost at sea and never found. And it’s the same the whole world ’round. The hurt I see helps to compound that Father, Son and Holy Ghost is just somebody’s unholy hoax. And if you’re up there you perceive that my heart’s here upon my sleeve. If there’s one thing I don’t believe in it’s you… Dear God.” – “Dear God” (Partridge)