Sounds Like Saturday or: Gabriella Quevedo


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My cousin Gary put this on my timeline and I thought it was just awesome, so I’m sharing it with you, today. We all know that KISS is my favorite band. We know, too, that I did “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” with the Vagabond Saints Society a few years back. I think the disco-esque song is perfect for the Spanish-style guitar in this case. I especially love the middle bridge part in this manner. Ladies and germs, I present Gabriella Quevedo!

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“Tonight I want to give it all to you. In the darkness, there’s so much I want to do. And tonight, I want to lay it at your feet. Because girl, I was made for you. And girl, you were made for me.” – “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” (Stanley/Poncia/Child)

One After Another or: a Big Day for Releases


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Today in record release history has been the largest that I’ve had since I started doing the “X years ago today this album was released” posts. If it’s not something I have for releases, I move on to birthdays and today, I didn’t even get to that, much less the deathdays. So, let’s run down what I did have today first.

  • Elvis Presley —— Elvis Presley ► Rock n Roll >> 1956
    Genesis —— …And Then There Were Three… ► Prog Rock >> 1978
    Van Halen —— Van Halen II ► Hard Rock >> 1979
    Journey —— Departure ► Prog/Art Rock >> 1980
    ZZ Top —— Eliminator ► Blues-Rock >> 1983
    Ratt —— Out Of The Cellar ► Heavy Metal >> 1984
    Howard Jones —— Dream Into Action ► New Wave Synth-Pop >> 1985
    Depeche Mode —— Songs Of Faith And Devotion ► Synth-Pop >> 1993

That’s eight! However, I did find after posting that the Howard Jones album didn’t actually come out yesterday but March 11. The site that I use, mainly, had it wrong or at least had it right and I can’t find any evidence to corroborate it. It happens, but that’s not important. This was a big day for releases. But, beyond what I had there were more.

Bobby Darin —— That’s All ► Pop-Rock >> 1959
Dionne Warwick —— Dionne Warwick In Valley Of The Dolls ► Pop-Soul >> 1968
King Crimson —— Lark’s Tongues In Aspic ► Prog Rock >> 1973
Roxy Music —— For Your Pleasure ► Prog Rock >> 1973
Judas Priest —— Sad Wings Of Destiny ► Heavy Metal >> 1976
Bob Marley & The Wailers —— Kaya ► Roots Reggae >> 1978
Rick Springfield —— Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet ► Power Pop >> 1982
Fates Warning —— No Exit ► Heavy Metal/Progressive >> 1988
Joni Mitchell —— Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm ► Folk-Rock >> 1988
ZZ Top —— Recycler ► Blues-Rock >> 1990
The Fall —— Code: Selfish ► Post-Punk >> 1992
● Dwight Yoakam —— This Time ► Alt Country-Rock >> 1993
The Mothers Of Invention —— Ahead Of Their Time ► Art Rock >> 1993
Everclear —— Sparkle And Fade ► Grunge-Punk >> 1995
Iron Maiden —— Virtual XI ► Heavy Metal >> 1998
A+ —— Hempstead High ► Pop-Rap >> 1999
Elton John & Various Artists —— Elton John And Tim Rice’s Aida ► Pop-Rock >> 1999
Gov’t Mule —— Live…With A Little Help From Our Friends, Vol. 2 ► Southern Rock/Jam Rock >> 1999
Mark Knopfler —— Metroland [Sndtrk] ► Roots Rock >> 1999
Peter Pan Speedrock —— Killermachine ► Punk Rock >> 2000
Jerry Garcia Band —— Shining Star ► Roots Rock >> 2001
Eddie Money —— Let’s Rock ‘N Roll The Place ► Album Rock >> 2003
Eric Clapton —— Me And Mr. Johnson ► Blues-Rock >> 2004
Guns N’ Roses —— Greatest Hits ► Hard Rock >> 2004
Lou Reed —— Animal Serenade ► Album Rock >> 2004
Ringo Starr —— Tour 2003 ► Pop-Rock >> 2004
Triumph —— A Night Of Triumph ► Arena Rock >> 2004
Kansas —— Miracles Out Of Nowhere ► Prog/Arena Rock >> 2015

Now, a lot of days there are a lot but I just don’t have many of them. But, today, I had eight and the rest of the list was pretty impressive, too. Anywhat I just thought it was interesting. Do you have any of these, Dear Reader? Tell me about them!

Note: I wrote this yesterday but had, just finished when I had to pick up 3B from school, I forgot to send it. So, I wrote it but forgot to post it, so sorry about that.

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“Stay with me, my love I hope you’ll always be. Right here by my side if ever I need you. Oh, my love. In your arms, I feel so safe and so secure. Every day is such a perfect day to spend alone with you.” – “Follow You Follow Me” (Banks/Collins/Rutherford)


West End Piggyback or: Wise Men with Beer


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Over on The Man Who Ate the Town blog I just told tales of a Wise Man Tap Takeover. Read more about that HERE. I know this is kind of last minute but while the takeover will be all week, the special beer dinner is tonight, but it goes until 10, so get on over there. You can see the menu and such on the blog, plus, the regular menu is also in effect. So read about it and go!!



©West End Cafe


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“Chef Sean McCulley will be creating Dinner Specials featuring the awesome brews of Wise Man Brewing of Winston Salem. Each dish will utilize and be paired with one of Wise Man’s beers. Come eat some delicious food and drink some delicious beer with us!” – West End Cafe

Grass Monkey or: The Less Desirables Beer of the Week


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City Beverage, the Official Beer Sponsor of The Less Desirables, presents Grass Monkey Pale Wheat Ale from Sweetwater Brewing, The Less Desirables Beer of the Week. grass-monkey-vignette-2

Sweetwater Brewing, out of the ATL, does beer right. I don’t think they can mess one up if they tried to. It’s not that I love all their beers, but I have to respect the work they do and most people are of the same consensus, at least of the those that I know.

This brew was hoppy but not offensively so. It had great citrus overtones and that comes from the Lemonhead hops. It’s only 30 IBU so it’s not overpowering. And, at 5.4%ABV, it’s not going to knock you over or out. So, you can drink a couple and not really be foggy. Well, I say that; anyone with any kind of tolerance, that is.

BeerAdvocate has it at 3.65/5 (Good). Untappd has it at 3.52 caps out of 5. I rated it 4.5 out of 5. It was enjoyable and drinkable, not too hoppy and the citrus notes were just present and didn’t distract you from the beer.

Have you had this beer? What did you think? If you’ve not had it or just have a hankering for more, head down to City Beverage and grab your sixer of it. It would be great for the warmer days that are coming. It was good with the colder weather we had tonight. Tell them that we sent you!

Listen now to the latest episode of The Less Desirables to see what Bethany, Councilwoman DD Adams, her entourage Rafia and Jill, and I think of it. You can hear that HERE.

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Scorp out!

“Spring got sprung with this funky monkey. We dropped a big stash of Lemondrop hops into both the kettle and the dry hop – delivering a big citrus blast – and topped it off with a Lemongrass addition for a refreshing twist. Light in body with bright citrus notes, this is an extremely complex but very easy drinking brew.” – Sweetwater

Slow Week Piggyback or: Foodie Talkin’


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Today on The Man Who Ate the Town, Kelly and I talk about Joymongers (briefly), Finnigan’s Wake’s St. Patty’s Day and I talk a little about Krispy Kreme. There’s a lot about Finnigan’s Wake, for sure and some about Krispy Kreme. Good conversations.



©Kelly Bone


You can hear the episode HERE.

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“Nothing beats the original Krispy Kreme.” – Jason Behr

Extra Piggybackin’ or: Blended


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Yeah, I usually piggyback on Tuesdays with The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast. But, I’m going to do one a day early, too. This time it’s a video.

I’ve been eating this protein meal replacement shake powder about two days a week for a few weeks, now. I get bored with routine after a while, so I have to shake things up. And, my friend Tim at BeYou360Fitness, from whom I get the product is always looking for ways for his clients to “shake” up these replacement shakes.

Usually, I just put some fruit in there with ice and water and throw it in my Ninja. It’s been strawberries and bananas or blackberries or mango. Strawberry/banana has been best. Blackberries have way too many seeds and mango is a very neutral flavor. The powder on its own tastes like white birthday cake, which is fine but I need change.

So, today, I took two packages of Chobani coffee & cream blended yogurt and added them to the mix. Now, flavor-wise, it was pretty good. Lots of coffee flavor with the cakey flavor. That was good. But, the consistency was not so fantastic. It was gloppy and thick. Creamy but thick.

I believe the problem was that there was so much yogurt that space in the blending the water and ice was limited. The water was needed to help thin the liquid out a bit. And, the ice, obviously, keeps it cooler. Forty minutes after making it, it was warm and that was not good for consistency or flavor.

But, now that I have figured out that I can do with just one container of yogurt, I can experiment with different flavors of the yogurt, use more water and more ice. That will be good.

Now, someone told me I have to worry about extra sugar with the yogurt. I don’t really care about that part. If I wasn’t doing the meal replacement, I’d be doing the yogurt by itself or I’d not be eating anything. So, I figure the tablespoon of sugar I’m adding is worth the protein. Chobani does a great job and of the flavored choices, they’re probably the best in that realm.

Anywhat! Here’s the video showing the experiment and my assessment. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Coffee and cream—blending together in a beautiful balance of color and flavor in a cup of yogurt yearning to be a mug.” – Chobani

Silent Sunday or: The Haul 3/17/18


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Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day so of course we had to get our Irish on and went to Finnigan’s Wake instead of Mary’s Gourmet Diner (we did that this morning) but we did get to Underdog Records on time. Here’s what we got:




  • Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On  – The BCPF really loves this band, who have been around for a long time and when this Indie-Exclusive Orange Vinyl 2xLP set came out, well she had to have it. And she got it. New.
  • Chet Baker – Chet – From what I hear, Chet Baker was a sad story. Mostly drugs, I’d say, but man, this cat was fantastic on the horn. The label said “the lyrical trumpet of Chet Baker” and I think that’s exactly right. His trumpet was like a vocalists’ voice, smooth and dreamy. And, the cover is awesome. He looks like James Dean. New.
  • Various – Souled Out – Adding to my K-Tel Collection, this one is all about the “soul.” Found it for $3 in the “just in ‘Used'” bin. VG+.
  • Donovan – Cosmic Wheels – A very fun and hilarious listen. Not that it’s all comedy but there are moments. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend listening to the tune, “The Intergalactic Laxative.” You won’t be disappointed. VG.
  • Sheena Easton – Sheena Easton – Her debut album. I always liked her voice so why not have it? It was called Take My Time in the UK but just eponymous here in the US. VG++.
  • Sheena Easton – A Private Heaven – So, just three years later, this is her sixth album. That’s a lot of output, really. This is also VG++.
  • Hank WilliamsBob Wills & His Texas Playboys – Original Sound Track – The Last Picture Show – Yep, the soundtrack for the Peter Bogdanovich featuring the legendary Hank Williams, et al. VG+.
  • Kim Carnes – Mistaken Identity – Yes, the “Bette Davis Eyes” album. VG+.
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Babylon By Bus – A 2xLP live album featuring the Wailers. I still don’t really care for reggae as a whole but, man, I love listening to Bob Marley. This is really, really beaten up and has scratches and gashes throughout. I can’t listen to it often because I don’t want my needle ruined but it was fun to listen through. Fair condition, only. “Curvy,” whose name is scrawled on the labels didn’t take very good care of this. $1 bin find.
  • Parliament – Mothership Connection – This. Is. Awesome! #276 on the RS list. I liked it then and I love it even more now. I think I got more out of it this time. I wasn’t trying to plow through the list. I think that was the issue. But, this whole album is phenomenal. A VG $1 bin find. There was a “skip” and it was a perfect skip, right on the beat because I thought they were just doing a repetitious passage and it turns out it was skipping for about two minutes. I didn’t really let it go on that long.
  • The New Birth– Comin’ From All Ends – Another New Birth LP. VG $1 bin find.
  • Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song – The BCPF’s favorite Christmas album and there it was, in pretty good condition, with a $1 sticker on it. After confirming that we don’t already have it, it was quickly added.
  • Nat King Cole / George Shearing – Nat King Cole Sings / George Shearing Plays – The BCPF can’t resist anything with Nat King Cole on it. VG. $1 bin find.
  • Billie Holiday – Billie Holiday – We’re fans of women jazz vocalists and try to collect what we can. The BCPF loves Ella. I love Etta. We both dig Billie. Good condition. $1 bin find.
  • Stevie Wonder – In Square Circle – The first Stevie I ever owned and it was on cassette. It was in the $1 bin yesterday and in pretty good shape, so yep!
  • Roberta Flack And Peabo Bryson – Live & More – More Roberta Flack and this time with Peabo Bryson. I can’t not say “why you trippin’ Peabo?!” every time I read his name. $1 bin find. VG.

Record store day is coming, April 21. Visit the RSD website for more information. There are no holds, no pre-orders, no prepays, and there will be a line early (some people even camp out overnight) but it’s fun and there’s a lot of unique things coming out. Underdog is ready and will have all but like four things. But, supplies are limited, when he’s out, he’s out. Everything is limited edition, too. Check out The Less Desirables to hear what this week’s TLD/UR special is. And use Discogs to catalog your collection!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Oh, the intergalactic laxative will get you from here to there. Relieve you and believe me, without a worry or care. If sh*tting is your problem when you’re out there in the stars, oh, the intergalactic laxative will get you from here to Mars.” – “The Intergalactic Laxative” (Leitch)

Sounds Like Saturday or: Stripped


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I’m sure we’ll play this today on vinyl, but we’re celebrating the 1986 release of Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration album and this is probably my favorite song on it, so here ya go. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Come with me into the trees. We’ll lay on the grass and let the hours pass. Take my hand. Come back to the land. Let’s get away just for one day. Let me see you stripped down to the bone.” – “Stripped” (Gore)

Silver Alert! or: Crowning


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If you happen to find yourself in Greensboro tonight or feel like a leisurely drive to Greensboro, then consider stopping by the Carolina Theatre and coming up to the Crown to see Abigail Dowd, new band Gasket Hawkins and The Silver Alerts.

The festivities start at 7pm and shouldn’t run too awfully late, that way everyone is home and sound so you can get up and do your St. Patty’s thing in the morning. May I suggest Finnigan’s Wake? They’ll be open from 7am until 2am, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and entertainment all day long. I believe they will be doing “the wake” twice during the course of the day.

But, I digress.

The Silver Alerts is Clay Howard (of course), Corkey McClellan, Aaron Burkey, Doug Davis (yes that Doug Davis) and some fat guy with a big silver beard. We’ll be doing a bit of Clay Howard music, which is never a bad thing.

Gasket Hawkins is Doug Davis’ new musical project.

Abigail Dowd is a young singer=songwriter who along with Jason Duff play some beautiful music. You’ll want to see this.

So, again, come on out to Carolina Theatre tonight. It’s located at 310 S Greene Street in Greensboro. And, if you’re wondering, Finnigan’s Wake is located at 620 N. Trade Street in WSNC. Hopefully, I’ll see you at one of the places.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Want to be at the best St. Patrick’s Day party in Winston Salem? Join us Saturday, March 17 from 7am – 2am. The breakfast buffet starts at 7am, and the main tent opens in our parking lot at 12:15pm with a bar and stage for live music.” – Finnigan’s Wake (the Official Emerald Isle of The Less Desirables)

Forty-Two On or: Destroyer


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Forty-two years ago today, March 15, 1976, the fourth KISS studio album, Destroyer was released. Destroyer was the immediate follow-up to Alive which, thanks to “Rock and Roll All Nite,” really broke KISS into popularity.




Their first three studio albums did absolutely nothing and were released within 13 months. They tried one after the other and no luck. This album was released two years after the first album.

People had heard rumors that this band KISS put on makeup and were rocking so hard that their live shows were going great. But, bands (and record labels) want to sell records. The release of Alive brought them to the radio. Fans then went back and bought up the first three albums, which made up the contents of Alive.

So, here they were recording a follow-up album. The record company brought in Bob Ezrin, best known at the time, for producing Alice Cooper. Ezrin brought string arrangements, choirs, and special effects. KISS was just straightforward Gibsons and Marshalls at that time. Fans were expecting the same hard rock pizzazz that KISS, Hotter Than Hell and Dressed To Kill had. They got that, kind of…

The strings and acoustic guitars, pianos and choirs kind of threw people off. Not in a bad way, mind you, just perplexingly. It wasn’t expected. And, really, that wasn’t something that happened on a full-blown KISS album again until 1981. The solo albums had some hints of it but, again, full-blown KISS albums.

The album starts off with someone washing dishes and listening to or watching a news report about someone dying in an auto accident. It was the intro to “Detroit Rock City,” which was based on a true story about someone who died on their way to a KISS concert in Charlotte. But, Charlotte Rock City doesn’t have the same ring to it. DRC was a song that I got really tired of really quickly. I got to where it turned my stomach to hear it. It was just overdone and I didn’t really care much about it. I will say the solo was awesome, which was arranged by Ezrin. I have come back around and now don’t mind hearing it again. I don’t know why.

The crash then goes into “King of the Night Time World,” a song about a youth having troubles at home and wanting to make it with his girl (“… and the dirty things that we do”). That song grew on me later, as well. I really didn’t pay much attention to it until the band I was in, Heavens Sake, learned it and played it live.

Third, is my favorite song from the album and one of my all-time KISS songs all around – “God of Thunder.” It is Gene Simmons, even though he didn’t write the song. Paul Stanley did. But, Ezrin thought the theme and progression were better suited for Gene’s darker character, so he slowed it down and turned it over to Gene. Starting off with Ezrin’s kids playing in the studio, they were wearing some space helmets with walkie-talkies in them. What they actually say has been debated for 42 years and even David and Josh Ezrin don’t know what they said. I’ve always thought they said, “okay… talk sexy.” Who knows? Anywhat! I have always loved singing this, which I did for the VSS show a few years back and playing it with Heavens Sake. The darkness of the song is amazing. Lots of crackles, feedback, screaming, moaning and wasteland effects. I love the song. Gene usually does his blood spitting at the beginning of this tune.

All that was well and good. Great hard-rocking tunes. Then it happened. The strings. The acoustic guitar. The odd lyrics and (gasp!!!) the Brooklyn Boys Chorus singing about getting a girl horny. “Great Expectations” was a drastic turn of events. Part of the compositional theme of the song was based on Beethoven’s “Sonata Pathétique,” and I find that pretty cool. Now, I dig the song; like it, in fact. But, it threw people for sure. After a few listens, it grows on you and it’s a pretty cool song. Odd… but cool. End Side 1.

Side Two starts with some rock and roll rebellion going on. Paul wrote two songs about breaking out and being free of the parental grasp on this album. Well, three really. I know that rock and roll was about rebellion and they took this to heart in the song, “Flaming Youth.” I mean, could it be more obvious? “My parents think I’m crazy and they hate the things I do. I’m stupid and I’m lazy, man, if they only knew. How flaming youth will set the world on fire. Flaming youth, our flag is flying higher and higher and higher.” Yeah, rebellion. The song was an amalgamation of ideas from Gene, Paul and Ace Frehley, with Ezrin taking them and embellishing them. I really dig this tune.

“Sweet Pain” is up next and it’s quintessential Gene and his horndog-laden love god persona. Ain’t no one can love you like me and my BDSM loving arse is basically the theme. I’ll love you so much it will hurt. And, he’ll do it while wearing leather and using whips. Isn’t that sweet? Yeah, sweet pain, from what I hear. I didn’t understand most of that when I was a kid but I find it funny now. Gene was what? 26 when they released this? Yeah. Horndog. And, I love it.

The third “break out and be something/do something song” was a bit of a smash from the album and a live staple for many years to come. “Shout It Out Loud” was co-written by  Stanley, Simmons and Ezrin. If it’s too loud they’re too old. Shouting it out loud is basically the cheerleading call-to-action of the rockin’ world. That’s what they want you to do. They took the title from the Hollies tune “We Want to Shout It Out Loud.” Wicked Lester recorded that when Gene and Paul were in that band. I got to do the Gene lines with my pal Reid Mansell at the VSS show.

“Beth” was a surprise. It was filler. It was a throw-away. They recorded it to appease Peter’s itch to have a song with his name on it. That may not be the official story but from what I’ve read between the lines over the years, yeah… It was the B-side of “Detroit Rock City” and was left to its (presumed) fate of filler. But, something happened. Something that I don’t know what really common at the time, DJs started flipping the record over and playing “Beth” instead of “DRC.” It still sits as the highest charting song in KISStory, at #7, one place higher than “Forever” which came 14 years later. I like the tune. I prefer the Eric Carr version on the greatest hits album, Smashes Thrashes and Hits in 1988, but this is classic.

The album closes with “Do You Love Me.” It’s a tune about the glitzy lifestyle of the rockstar and the potential gold-digging girlfriend who may or may not really like the singer; she may just be using him to get the status, attend the parties, get the backstage passes, limousine rides and so on. It’s sad really. That is unless Paul’s character in the song was getting what he wanted out of it. But, if he was, would he need to ask if she loves him? Probably not. That song became a concert staple. It then fades into some weird effected thing where you hear Paul doing banter from Dressed to Kill/Alive tour about a “rock and roll party.” I never felt it was necessary but I didn’t hate it.

I wasn’t into KISS or even know about them, until around 1977/78 and I never had this on vinyl as a kid. I did get it on cassette when I moved to WSNC and I definitely got it on CD and then the remastered CDs. I got it the vinyl remasters on 180g black vinyl that has all the original packaging and all.

I do have the remixed copy of Destroyer: Resurrected that Ezrin remixed and re-EQed the songs while adding some elements that had been left out. The original Ace solos (which were originally Dick Wagner of Alice Cooper’s band in the release) for a couple of songs and added some additional vocals to a few songs. Ace was part of stuff from this album but he was starting to flake a bit. That’s why Wagner did his thing.

The cover was painted by sci-fi/fantasy artist Ken Kelly (who also did the Love Gun cover) and it depicts a true wasteland with burning buildings and barren, burning land. It showed the band as larger-than-life characters that were destroying the world around them.

I don’t know why the album was called Destroyer other than it goes with the God of Thunder theme. I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s a great album. To me, there’s not a filler on there. It is #489 on the RS list I’m always talking about. It isn’t my favorite KISS album but I’d say it’s in the top 10. One day I really need to rank them. I’ll do a post on that when I do.

Have you listened to this album, Dear Reader? What did you think? Tell me about it, I’m truly interested. If you haven’t check it out on your favorite streaming service and if you like it, consider purchasing it. It sounds great on vinyl, but I’m biased. Rock on, Destroyer!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m the lord of the wastelands. A modern day man of steel. I gather darkness to please me and I command you to kneel before the… God of Thunder and Rock and Roll. The spell you’re under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul.” – “God of Thunder” (Stanley)