Call Me a Fanner or: That First Time All Over Again


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My friend Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis) has like 356 side musical projects. One of them is this thing called Fanner. According to their Facebook page, the influences for this project are Peter Gabriel, Steven Wilson, Elbow, Radiohead, Pink Floyd. I don’t know much about Elbow, but the rest I can at least say that I like. Gabriel and Floyd are some of my faves. I told Doug that if I were in the market (or in the mood) to get back into music, this would be the kind of project I’d be interested in doing. 

I was sitting at home and was thinking about how I should pick up a guitar again. Then I thought to myself, well the only thing keeping me from doing it… well, is not doing it. So, I put down my computer, went upstairs and picked up my Mexican Stratocaster that I haven’t touched in probably a year or more. I plugged it into my Line6 amp and dialed through some presets. I didn’t really get anything out of it other than some sore fingers, but it felt good having a guitar in my hand again.

Do I want to do anything musically leaning? Well, not really anything out like gigs or anything but I’d love to make some music again. I miss doing it for myself. I don’t really have the outlet or time for anything, but I’d still like to pluck around a bit more. I need to make time in my week for that. Just 10-15 minutes or so. Kind of like exercise. Except, it’s not really like exercise, but it would be like musical exercise.

So, I had a good time doing absolutely nothing but doing it musically. In honor of this, I am including the video from Fanner/Doug Davis, directed by Jack Pennington at Green Sneakers Media.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“This is completely a solo project, and I have no plans or intentions to play any live shows, but I’ve been enjoying having friends help me out here and there, in the studio.” – Fanner

It’s Set or: The Two Week Wait


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The stage is set! We know the two teams that will be playing in the LIV game on February 2. It will be the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

I am clearly pulling for the Chiefs here but for more than one reason. Let’s start with the obvious. I hate the 49ers. Now, they’re not the Patriots or Cowboys or Ravens or Bengals or Browns but they are danged close. I think the biggest reason for that is they have five Super Bowl rings. They were the first to get there, even before my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers (who were the first to get to 4-0). I was adamant about the 49ers and Patriots and Cowboys staying behind us. Now that the Patriots won the worst SB game of all time last year and tied us, then it’s not as big a deal, but I would rather no one else be 6-x.



And, I really don’t like their uniforms. We know how fashion-conscious I am about pro sports unis and this is one of the ones I don’t like, except for the fact that it’s “classic.” I do like that aspect of it. And, really, I like Raheem Mostert and Jimmy Garappolo and Richard Sherman. George Kittle, meh. But, some of the players I really like. I like the coach even. But I have to dislike them on principle.

On to the Chiefs. I like Andy Reid for the most part. He’s a good guy and he needs to win one big game so he can get that “legitimacy” thing out of the way. I don’t think he needs it for legitimacy, but others do and perhaps he does. I don’t know. But, I hope he wins.

do like the Kansas City uniforms. All that red. They will be in their dark colors, too because they’re the home team. Yay! I like Tyreek Hill. I like Travis Kelce. I like Damien Williams. I like Mercole Hardman. I like Sammy Watkins. I like Tyran Matthieu. I like the whole team. But, most of all, I really, really like Patrick Mahomes. He is amazing to watch and he mastered the “no-look pass” but I hope he abandons that in this game. No need to get fancy. They have to muster a lot of points because I foresee SF putting up a shload of points. They won the game yesterday in a rout over Green Bay and Jimmy G only threw the ball six times! So, Mahomes and Co need to sling a lot of balls and run up some points. Just like they have the last two weeks, except they need to do it early instead of getting behind early.

The Chiefs haven’t been to the big one since 1970 when they won Super Bowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings. They lost the first one (which wasn’t called the Super Bowl, yet) to Green Bay. I was hoping for a rematch of that being as this is the 100th season of the NFL. The 49ers were there in 2013 and lost to the Ravens. This should be a good game and I don’t think either team is really mismatched overall, just in their approach. Both teams are offensive beasts and KC has come into its own on defense where SF is a defensive wall.

I do think it has a chance to be a ridiculously high scoring game because both teams can put up big numbers. But, then again, that chance was there last year, too and that whole game was a dud from the get-go. I would love to see it go both teams into the 50s. Well, okay, maybe just the Chiefs and the 49ers stay in the 20s. That would be better for my ticker. Anyway, both teams are young and talented. Here’s looking forward to this game!

Who are you picking, Dear Reader? Or, are you one of those, “my-team-isn’t-in-it-so-I-don’t-care/I-won’t-watch-it” people? I said it a few posts back, I’ll watch any NFL game, even if I don’t like either team. I haven’t missed a SB since XV and don’t plan on it until I’m gone, so I certainly won’t miss that one. Plus, we’re having a small gathering at our place, so here’s to a good game.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The Chiefs are the designated home team for Super Bowl LIV, (sic) because the AFC team is the designated home team in even-numbered years and the NFC team in odd-numbered years. As the designated home team, the Chiefs have elected to wear their standard home red jerseys with white pants. The 49ers will wear their standard white away jerseys with gold pants.” – Wikipedia

Spinning Sunday or: The Haul 1/18/20


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The BCPF and I finally had a normal Saturday. We didn’t have to put anything together. We didn’t have to install anything. We didn’t have to go anywhere. We didn’t have to work on the house. We had breakfast. We went to Underdog Records. We came home and listened to records all day. I told The BCPF I want today to be as “mindless” as possible. It fit the bill perfectly. Here’s our haul:



  • Megadeth – Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? — As much as I love hard rock and metal, I don’t really have a lot of it on vinyl. I’ve been looking to add some Megadeth and this was there and ripe for the picking. It’s a 2017 reissue, but that’s good enough for me. Not necessarily my favorite from Dave and Co, but it’s a good start! New.
  • Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes — Amos’ debut solo album after breaking up Y Kant Tori Read. It was co-produced by Ian Stanley who used to be with Tears for Fears and was a big reason why Songs from the Big Chair was so popular. This was happening about the time I was rejecting anything that wasn’t hard or heavy and nothing that remotely sounded “alternative” was allowed. I realize how ridiculous that is, but at the time, my angst was against those with angst. This is good, although she does still kind of get on my nerves. Like a more talented Jewel. New.
  • Mötley Crüe – Too Fast For Love — I did this for the Eugeology list back in 2017. You can read my review here. I try to collect anything that I did on a “list” and again, hard rock in my collection. My review more than describes anything you need to know about it. New.
  • Ultravox – Rage In Eden — I have grown to dig what I hear from this band. They were new wave and most of what I know of them I hear on 1st Wave on SiriusXM. When I see or hear them, I immediately think of my pal Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis) and a conversation we had after a Vagabond Saints Society gig sitting at Finnigan’s Wake. I only have one other thing from Ultravox and that’s Vienna. This is good First Wave synthpop. I dug it. EX/VG++.
  • R.E.O. Speedwagon – R.E.O. Speedwagon — I have a confession to make. Well, a couple, actually. First, I’ve never really liked REO (or R.E.O.) Speedwagon. I loved Hi Infidelity and some of Wheels Are Turnin’ (that album is mostly crap) and a few other songs here and there. But, overall? Nah. The other thing is I never knew that Kevin Cronin didn’t found the band. I always thought that since he was the end-all-be-all in the band that it was his baby. Nope. This is the band’s debut and Terry Luttrell is the lead vox. I couldn’t pass up having it, but I don’t see me really enjoying it so much. VG+.
  • Cutumay Camones De El Salvador – Patria Chiquita Mía — Cutumay Camones was a band from El Salvador whose stated objective was to “recover Salvadorean cultural roots and to provide popular music for the national liberation movement.” I guess they accomplished that? I don’t know. The BCPF picked it up. VG+.
  • Frank Strozier – Fantastic Frank Strozier — So this was not from Underdog Records. This is from a “first.” One of our loyal listeners on the Apartment 5B podcast sent this to me. The album was in a jacket and had a post-it that reads, “For Producer Tim (that’s what I go by on that show)… Had to go really deep… my 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher.” I think from what Jeff Evans (the podcast’s host) said, the 5th-grade teacher really recommended that album to him. I looked this up because I don’t know anything about it. So, the rhythm section, that’s the bass, drums, and piano had all played on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue earlier in 1959. It was also one of the few recordings to feature a brilliant, young trumpeter named Booker Little who died of uremia at the age of 23 in 1961. Strozier is a saxophonist and I really can’t wait to hear this. So, many, many thanks to you, “Loyal Listener Matt,” for sending this to me. I really, really appreciate it. NM.

So, a mid-sized haul and a lot of good stuff. Jonathan had a lot of new-to-the-store used vinyl and has restocked some of the new stuff so he is churning out some records! Good used equipment there, too. Speakers, receivers, good stuff. Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special. I’m going to give you one for free right here. There are a lot of cool records in the clearance bin there at Underdog Records. Go in and tell Jonathan that you heard from The Less Desirables that you should get something from the clearance bin and you’ll get an additional discount on the things in that section. Don’t expect me to give away the beans every time, I still need you to listen to the podcast! I use Discogs to track my collection and the collections of my friends.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Excuse me, but can I be you for a while? My dog won’t bite if you sit real still. I got the Antichrist in the kitchen yelling at me again. Yeah, I can hear that. Been saved again by the garbage truck. I got something to say, you know but nothing comes. Yes, I know what you think of me, ‘you never shut up.’ Yeah, I can hear that.” – “Silent All These Years” (Amos)

Sounds Like Saturday or: Cuts


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Today is the 37th anniversary of Bryan Adams’ third album, Cuts Like a Knife. Even though it was his third album this album put him into the mainstream. The first thing I ever heard from him was “This Time” from this album. “Straight From the Heart” was also on there and then there’s the title track. This band does a good job of it, albeit in soundcheck. And, hey, there’s a chick bass player, so that’s cool.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“There’s times I’ve been mistaken, there’s times I thought I’d been misunderstood – ooh yeah. So wait a minute darlin’, can’t you see we did the best we could ooh we could? This wouldn’t be the first time things have gone astray. Now you’ve thrown it all away. Now it cuts like a knife.” – “Cuts Like a Knife” (Adams/Vallance)

Friend Friday or: King of the Wind


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Remember when you used to do the #FF on Twitter just a few years back? It stood for Follow Friday or Friend Friday (according to who you asked) and as far as I can tell, no one really does that any longer and whilst I’ll admit I was slack on that on Twitter, I will also say that Twitter isn’t my main social media platform and I just didn’t do it. But, I think it was a good idea and I’d like to pick that back up, except do it here on this blog.

I have a slew of friends that are interesting folks. They may have businesses, they may be musicians, they may just be eclectic as heck, whatever! I just think they need to be highlighted more because they bring awesomeness to the world and we’re lucky to have them here in WSNC.PWS

This week, on The Less Desirables, we had Monique Ferrell Smith and Anthony Tang, the Executive Director and board of directors member, respectively, of the Piedmont Wind Symphony on as our guests.

The Piedmont Wind Symphony, now in its 30th season, is led by Musical Director and Conductor, Matthew Troy. Maestro Troy is not only a very talented conductor and musician but he’s just a great dude. His cast of musicians is based on wind instruments and other than a few outliers here and there, the Piedmont Wind Symphony has no stringed instruments.

PWS logoThe PWS started in 1990 when Rob Simon put together a group of musicians, that included educators and students, to perform compositions for wind instruments and ensembles. Simon was the man on the platform for many years. Matthew Troy came along in 2015, after a stint as the Associate Conductor with the Winston-Salem Symphony from 2009-2014.

As I said, this is their 30th season and already this season they have had two fantastic shows. The first was Along the Silk Road in September. It featured music from Pakistan, India, Korea and China as well as some Puccini and one of my favorite classical composers, Camille Saint-Saens. There was also a musical story that was recited, but I can’t remember the narrator’s name.

The next event was this past November when they presented Chaplin Meets Sousa featuring some bombastic selections from the march-master, himself, John Phillip Sousa and Maestro Troy and his cast also provided the music for two Charlie Chaplin shorts, The Immigrant and The Adventurer. 

I call Matthew Troy a friend and I have to say that just watching him conduct this ensemble is as much a spectacle as a rock concert can be. He is always energetic, fun, and brings majesty from those he conducts. They have fun with him and you can tell. As I told Monique, I had the whole seat but I only need the edge of it when watching him. I’ve never been a Sousa fan but the November show changed that. You can feel emotion and dynamics with your ears.

Next Friday, January 24, PWS will hold their annual fundraising gala with the theme of “It Happened One Night” and even though we’re heading into the “roaring 20s,” PWS is bringing the 30s (because of their 30th season, get it?) and the film It Happened One Night is from 1934. This means that 30s-inspired attire is expected as well as other theming. The gala will be held at the Millennium Center in downtown WSNC. Tickets are $125 per person and will include food, fun and frolic. And, there will be beer and wine, as well.

You can purchase your tix by visiting here.

Now, you know I feature my sponsors on here, a good bit. Well, this is different. In this instance, I am the sponsor. I am a media sponsor so it is my job to promote them, but this is an honest and heartfelt (and was not asked to make it) recommendation.

Are you familiar with Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The King & I? It’s a musical that is based on Margaret Landon’s book Anna and the King of Siam. It’s also the presentation from Piedmont Opera that is coming in March. PO logo

Piedmont Opera has been an advertising client of The Less Desirables for a few years, now. PO has a few years on Piedmont Wind Symphony. Where PWS started in 1990, PO started in the late 1970s by Norman Johnson. It’s in its 41st season now.

According to their website, “Piedmont Opera produces the highest quality opera productions possible by using international, national, regional and local professional singers and technicians.”

I remember the first time I went to the opera. I was a senior in high school and the chorus class went to see The Marriage of Figaro. I drove and took a friend of mine with me. It was one of the first times I ventured downtown, too. I really enjoyed seeing the production. They did it in Italian (I think) and then they did this “rewind” thing and then did it in English. After the show, my friend and I went to my car and because she didn’t know you had to lift the handle to lock the door, it wasn’t locked and someone was able to get into my truck and steal my stereo and cassettes. That sucked but the opera experience was great. The last one I saw, Tosca they actually had subtitles so you could understand what was going on.

PO KingThe Piedmont Opera has now done over 48 different productions to an audience of over 150,000 people. I hope to have someone from PO to talk about The King & I in early March.

If you are thinking that you have to “dress up” for either the PO or PWS, think again. Both are more concerned with your butts in the seats than how fancy you can dress. Not, that you’re discouraged from dressing up. By all means, knock yourself out. It’s just not necessary.

Both PO and PWS, along with about 40 other arts organizations in WSNC/Forsyth County are participating in the year-long event, “Beethoven Rocks Winston-Salem.” You know I’ll be talking more about that over the next year. This is a big deal because this year would have been (in my best Alex de Large voice), Ludwig Van’s 250th birthday. So, you’ll hear Piedmont Opera doing Beethoven’s Fidelio along with the Winston-Salem Symphony and Piedmont Wind Symphony will be doing “Extreme Beethoven” from Johan de Meij in their concert in March.

You can purchase tix to the Piedmont Opera’s The King & I here.

As I mentioned, Piedmont Opera is an advertiser and thus I may get compensation from them, however, this is, again, an honest and heartfelt (and was not asked to make it) recommendation.

I hope you’ll visit my friends soon, not just Fridays, and help local businesses and local business owners and hey, you can get good beverages and delicious pies! Thanks for reading about my friends.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Our Vision is to be the finest opera company of our size in the nation and acknowledged as the best at what we do.” – Piedmont Opera

‘Numb’ers and Dates or: Growing That Biz


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In the last two days, I have done some “grown-up” things with my business, Such-N-Such Limited, Inc. I’ve gotten a lot busier and honestly, my calendar is filling up and when clients call or email or text and want to get a time, I have to look at the Google Calendar I have and wonder, did I put everything in that I needed to?

Well, I will usually put them down for when we agree on and hope that no one calls or shows up at that time. It doesn’t happen a lot but it has happened in the past. I started looking at online appointment booking tools and realized that I had a brand new tool right under my nose. I am a Square customer for payments, online and in-person. They have a service/tool called Square Appointments and it allows me to put a button on the Such-N-Such Media (the production wing of my business) website and Facebook page as well as The Less Desirables Facebook page.



Now, customers and clients can click on that button, they can click to find when I have availability and then schedule their appointment. It then syncs to my Google Calendars (and vice versa). I can still make my own appointments in-person and, again, it syncs up. Then I can bill the client or take payment from there. I dig it. I feel all “grown” now.  At least on the scheduling side.

Then, I’ve been using my cell phone number for all my business stuff. Which is fine, really. I try to direct folks to send me an email over a phone call. I don’t like talking on the phone, to be honest. So, I got a Google Voice number to apply to all my business needs. This number allows me to get texts and voice mails via my email and I can reply there.

As much as I hate talking on the phone, I hate typing on my phone just as much. I don’t mind using it for all kinds of “smartphone” things, but I really don’t like typing on it for IMs, texts or emails. I would much rather use a computer for that. This allows me to do that. I can still do it on my phone if I need to, but also able to do it on the computer. Also, I can download voicemails and keep them. That also means that if listeners of any of the podcasts call and leave a voicemail, then I can play it on that podcast. It’s another way for interaction with those listeners.

Or… if you’re reading this blog, I’m going to give out my number so readers can contact me. I may use it here (if I can figure out how as this is a little different than the other blogs I post) if you send me something. If nothing else, I can use the transcript, right? Right. So, I had a few to choose from and I picked the one I did because I could use a word to talk about it. You know how places say “call 1-800-PICK-ONE” or something like that? Yeah, I found one that kind of fits me. After all, I am “less desirable.” So, here’s the number: 336-422-6862. I call it 422-NUMB. I like it. I go with it. Send me a text or leave me a voicemail on that number, I would like that.

Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of people blowing up my phone, I can ignore you fairly easily. It’s my “business” number and I don’t mind giving that out. Well, that’s it, I grew up, I guess. Finally, says The BCPF.

Until tomorrow, keep the digits and schedule an appointment…
Scorp out!

“A Voice number works on smartphones and the web so you can place and receive calls from anywhere.” – Google Voice

Over Vue or: You’re Tubin’


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I mentioned a few weeks back about PlayStation Vue ceasing operations at the end of this month and how I was now in search of a replacement service. playstation-vue-shutting-down

I hear there are services on the horizon that will allow a la carte programming. As of right now, however, I don’t find any that actually do a la carte. As I said we really just watch CNN, ESPN, locals, USA, TNT and NFL Network.

NFL Network is really the outlier. That is on DirecTV but not DirecTV Now or AT&T Now, whatever they’re calling it now. It is on PlayStation Vue, but obviously, that isn’t going to do me any good. It looks like I’ll just have to do without that. Luckily, most football games are available otherwise. Also, I have Verizon and, for now, the NFL games are (mostly) available there.

Everything else is available on just about everything, except Fubo which has no Disney-owned channels, so, ESPN, ABC, Disney, etc. are not available there. So, that’s out.

Since everything is available, on most services, price and simultaneous streams become the most important parts. Sling is confusing with its Orange and Blue and some is available on 2 streams and some with a different amount. And, I don’t think Sling has a DVR feature.

So, to bring it all back to a point (sorry), I narrowed it down to two services that I am already very familiar with. It’s Hulu or YouTube TV.  Hulu is $59.99 a month and you can add “unlimited streams” and the DVR is pretty good. YouTube TV is $49.99 a month with up to six accounts and unlimited DVR. Eugene has talked about YouTube TV and so, for now, I’m giving it a shot. I’ll keep you updated.


You may not even care, Dear Reader, and I get that. Really, I just take my role as an “influencer” or one that has a voice to talk about things that may or may not affect my readers. Thanks for indulging me.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“YouTube TV is an American over-the-top internet television service that offers live TV, on demand (sic) video and cloud-based DVR from more than 70 television networks.” – Wikipedia

Dang Cats or: The Difference Is…


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It is a long train of thought that got me to this, so bear with me for a bit.

In watching the awesome Disney+ service, I’m watching the “True Life Adventures” from the 1950s and 1960s. I’m watching Jungle Cat (1960) right now and it’s focusing on the part where they are featuring the jaguar. I noticed at the same time that the announcement of Luke Kuechly’s retirement from the Carolina Panthers.


©Brad van Dorp

That got me thinking. The Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars started playing in the NFL the same year, 1995. Both “big cats.”

So, I got to thinking, who would win in a real fight, the panther or the jaguar? So, I did a little research. I don’t know who much of this is actually factual, but what I did find, was interesting.

Both cats are of the Animalia kingdom. Both are of the Felidae family. Both are of the Panthera genus. Both are of the Carnivora order. The average head and body length of both cats are 43″ to 75″. The average weight of both is 79 to 350 lbs. They both exert the same force, have the same technique, stamina and intelligence. The average life span of the panther is 13-15 years and the average life span of the jaguar is 14 years.

So, basically, they are the same exact animal. A few of the sites I looked at say that pathers are basically just melanistic jaguars. Panther is also kind of generic for leopards and jaguars, but with black coloring. So, again, they’re the same animal.

The natural area for the panther is Asia, Africa (leopard) and America (jaguar), and I suppose that’s North and South. The area for jaguars is Central and South America. So, the color of the skin/coat and area seem to really be the only differences.

So, does that mean that both teams are the same? Nah, but I do find it interesting. So, that meant nothing but I thought why not share it?

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“As written and directed by James Algar, this is one of Mr. Disney’s best—intimate, tasteful, strong and matter-of-fact.” – Howard Thompson of the New York Times about Disney’s Jungle Cat.

Let There Be Light or: Thanks, Pop!


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I mentioned my dad helping me (or just doing it) put up a new light fixture in place of a crappy ceiling fan in the kitchen, in addition to putting up a new light fixture over the stove. That ceiling fan light was crap with lumens, meaning I can’t see anything when I’m cooking. So the addition of that halogen fixture makes all the difference in the world.

Here’s the ceiling fan being removed.


Here’s the finished product (halogens, too).


Thanks so much to my dad, he’s so great!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“It can’t win if we don’t let it, son.” – My Pops

Spinning Sunday or: The Haul 1/11/20


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The BCPF and I did a quick jaunt to breakfast and Underdog Records yesterday and came home and my pops came over and helped me replace (read: he installed) a light fixture and put up a new one. It was a lot longer process than it should have been, I’m sure, but hey, we did what we needed to and voila! The lights are up. We didn’t really get to listen to much vinyl yesterday because I wanted to play stuff that my dad would be interested in since he was doing us a solid. There was a lot of George Jones playing from Alexa. Here’s the haul:



  • Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth — My pal Daniel Butner has loaned me his collection of NIN albums to listen to and get acquainted with. The journey has been interesting. I have never really been into Industrial Rock. Yeah, I have dabbled in some Marilyn Manson and even some NIN but never really paid attention to it. I have a couple of NIN either on vinyl or CD. This is a brand new, 2xLP, remastered, reissue for the 15th anniversary. I sent Daniel a pic and he was excited! New.
  • The Replacements – Don’t Tell A Soul — The 1989 follow up to Pleased to Meet Me. I really enjoyed the previous three records, so let’s hope this is as kick-butt as those. New.
  • The Love Language – Libraries — This is something The BCPF pulled. I do know they are an indie rock band from Raleigh and that this was NM.
  • Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves — I have heard of MM but don’t really know anything about them. The BCPF is a fan and after looking them up, I see that they are strongly influenced by Pavement, Pixies, XTC, and Talking Heads, all bands that she/I like, so it should be interesting. This is “like new” per Jonathan, so let’s say, NM.
  • The Strokes – Angles — Don’t know a lot about The Strokes but a lot of my friends like them. The BCPF picked it up, I’ll post when we listen. VG+.
  • Prefab Sprout – From Langley Park To Memphis — Both The BCPF and I are fans of Belle & Sebastian and upon reading about their influences, this was on their list, so we will probably dig it. The album had guest appearances from Stevie Wonder and Pete Townshend and used multiple producers including Thomas Dolby, who could not commit to working on the entire album. VG+.
  • The Rainmakers – The Rainmakers — I’ve never heard of The Rainmakers but this album was from the mid-80s and looks like something I’d listen to. So, I will. VG++.
  • Sergio Mendes – The Beat Of Brazil — An acclaimed bossa nova/jazz musician from Brazil, Sergio Mendes is a world treasure, so I’ve read. He’s collaborated with many contemporary artists as well as done a lot on his own. This is from 1967 and will feature a lot of bossa nova. VG+.
  • Procol Harum – Exotic Birds And Fruit — Jonathan loves Procol Harum and I have found I enjoy it, so I bought this. Incidentally, the name means nothing. A famous record producer had a cat named Procul Haran (Procul being the breeder’s prefix). So their manager named them Procol Harum (bastardizing both that and harem, kind of like Motley Crue or Def Leppard). VG.
  • Pretenders – Extended Play — This came out between the first Pretenders album and second. A couple of song are outtakes from the first and a couple of them ended up on the second album. It was an addition to the collection. Bam! VG.
  • Bing Crosby – Zing A Little Zong — The only album we listened to yesterday when my dad was here. I love Bing Crosby and his ilk. I just enjoy the standards/crooners style vocal jazz. I just dig it. It’s a good album. VG+.

So, not a bad haul. The new year has waded us through the holiday wasteland of no new releases and things are coming out, be them reissues or brand new albums. I dig it a lot. Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special of the week. I use Discogs to bring you all this lovely list, you should use it to track your music collection regardless of the medium.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“Father, son, holy cow. Moses went up to the mountain high to find out from God why did you make us why? Secret words in a secret room, he said a womp bop a lu bop a lop bam boom. I did not put you here to suffer. I did not put you here to whine. I put you here to love one another. And to get out and have a good time now now now. Let my people go-go-go.” – “Let My People Go-Go” (Walkenhorst)